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What is FiredUp Firefighter Promotional Exam Prep?

FiredUp was created by a firefighter, for firefighters. FiredUp’s Mission is to help firefighters get promoted by passing their written promotional exams.

Mobile Testing

Online firefighter training software that creates fire department promotional practice tests to help firefighters of all ranks study for fire department promotional written exams.

Accurate Content

Firefighter promotional exam questions are written from fire service books and firefighter question test banks are created with thousands of test questions from fire books.

Proven Methods

FiredUp provides with the material learn based specifically on the promotion test using scientifically proven methods to provide you with the best opportuntiy to succeed.

How the FiredUp Promotion Testing Works

We read the books for you and pull out all the testable information

We create online multiple choice test questions for you

You take online practice tests and learn

You pass your test & get promoted!

I'm John, firefighter and creator of FiredUp

After failing my first fire captain promotion test I was committed to never fail another test and feel that pain again. I spent hours researching the best way to study for a promotion test and looking for study tools to help me pass. I tested the other options and eventually decided I had to create FiredUp to include everything I needed. All the firefighter study software available out there were lacking something that I felt was important to help me pass my promotion test. Now that I have passed my test and have been promoted to Captain I took the time to build an effective study tool for you. FiredUp was created to help firefighters achieve the promotion they are working for while saving them time to spend with their family, enjoying the outdoors, or bettering themselves at the firehouse.

Firefighting has been my entire life. My dad was in the fire service so I grew up in a firehouse. I have been in the fire service since I was 19 years old. I have been with my current department over 16 years and have been blessed with a great career. My wife and three young children make it all worthwhile. One of my favorite things in life is getting home after a shift and being swarmed with hugs from my family.

Firefighter Promotion

John Mandell
Creator of FiredUp

Firefighters Using FiredUp Have a 92% Success Rate Passing Their Written Promotion Test

FiredUp Contains 40067 Questions and Counting from 56 Fire Service Books

100% Guaranteed

We believe in our product so much that if you are not 100% satisfied, you can receive a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date.

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