Why FiredUp?

Scientifically Proven

Research shows that taking practice tests improves results compared to study sessions

Study after study over the last several decades has shown that taking practice tests spaced out over time ahead of a test is one of the most effective learning strategies. And if you’re studying for something big — like a firefighter promotion exam — you probably want to prepare as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

Smart Software

Once you've answered a question 3 time correctly, you will no longer see that question again on that quiz. You may reset your quiz at any time to see all the questions again.

Bookmarked References

Each question has a page number from the book the question was entered into our system so you can do further research and find a specific question easily.

Application Intelligence

Once you've answered a question, FiredUp remembers so that you won’t see the same question twice until you have been through all the questions for that book or chapter.

Immediate Results

Your tests are graded immediately and you have the ability to retake a test with same questions, new questions or only the questions you missed to fit your style of learning.

Mobile Friendly

You can take practice tests on your phone, tablet or computer anywhere with internet with our user-friendly and modern testing software for firefighter promotion written exams!

Testing Dashboard

Your dashboard allows you to create a new quiz for you book(s) and chapter(s) you choose, see the results from tests you've taken and continue tests already in progress.

"Taking practice tests improves long-term retention."

Washington University Research
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  • Practice tests produced substantially greater long-term retention than studying
  • After multiple practice tests students recalled much more than after multiple study sessions
  • Practicing the skills during learning that are needed during testing enhances retention
  • Practice tests permitted practice of the skill required on future tests and enhanced performance
  • Repeated practice tests produced greater benefits than study sessions
  • People forget more when they only study material and do not take practice tests
"Practice tests are an effective learning strategy."

University of Indiana Study
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  • Testing yourself on the material as part of studying is one of the most effective learning strategies
  • Taking practice tests in advance of your test session is an empirically supported learning technique
  • Simple repetition of information (flashcards, recopying notes, etc.) is an ineffective learning method
  • You should experience material in multiple modalities to learn effectively
  • Practice tests are a powerful means of improving learning, not just assessing it

FiredUp's web-based study app is efficient and effective

Benefits of using FiredUp to prepare for your written test
  • Scientifically proven effective learning strategy
  • No set up time required
  • Use anywhere, any time
  • Create a test customized to what you need to learn
  • Eliminate time sorting through books, notes, flashcards or study material
  • Receive graded test results instantly
  • Smart and comprehensive technology
  • Tracks which questions you have already seen and not seen
  • Ensures you don’t miss any material in the books
  • Targeted questions to specific topic areas of your choice
  • Questions are professionally written for you already
  • Save and return to where you left off
FiredUp is the best online study software for firefighters
  • Developed by a firefighter for firefighters
  • Designed to meet the dynamic lifestyle of a firefighter
  • Study at the station worry free, save and return to your test
  • Maximize downtime by using FiredUp on a mobile device
  • Start studying with no preparation time
  • Find the areas you need to improve upon and track your progress
Don’t miss an opportunity to achieve your goals
  • Overcome fears with a study tool that works
  • Forget past failures and look to the future with FiredUp
  • Squeeze studying into your busy lifestyle
  • No need to memorize entire text books by reading over and over
  • Eliminate excuses and reach your goal
  • Learn the material in the format you will be tested on
  • Don’t worry about making a stack of notecards or writing long outlines

What Other Firefighters Are Saying About Firedup

"I can say that without a doubt, using FiredUp as my study guide helped me pass the written promotional exam. It was easy to stay on track, check my progress, see where I needed to spend additional time studying, and gave me the knowledge I needed to pass."

Rick C.

"I was able to not only pass the exam, but do so very confidently. FiredUp was user friendly and had up to date information. I would recommend this tool to anyone studying for a promotional exam. I know I will be using it again in the future!"

Shane B.

"The use of this practice test format streamlined and maximized study time into a positive experience. I can honestly say that FiredUp software was a tremendous, as well as, time saving asset, that helped me successfully pass the Captains promotional written exam and was well worth the money."

Jim G.

"Thanks to FiredUp I was able to effectively study for my departments Captain promotional exam even with short notice prior to the test date and regular life getting in the way. I would recommend FiredUp for anyone that doesn't have the time to read all the books!"

Theresa B.

"I was looking for a way to identify what materials I needed to focus on for an upcoming promotional exam. Fired Up helped me identify and address those needs and pass the test!"

Justin B.

"FiredUp was extremely helpful in preparing for my promotional exam. The material I needed was readily available, and I was able to tailor the quizzes in order to work on my weaknesses."

Jason E.

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