What Firefighters Are Saying About Firedup

"I can say that without a doubt, using FiredUp as my study guide helped me pass the written promotional exam. It was easy to stay on track, check my progress, see where I needed to spend additional time studying, and gave me the knowledge I needed to pass."

Rick C.

"I was able to not only pass the exam, but do so very confidently. FiredUp was user friendly and had up to date information. I would recommend this tool to anyone studying for a promotional exam. I know I will be using it again in the future!"

Shane B.

"The use of this practice test format streamlined and maximized study time into a positive experience. I can honestly say that FiredUp software was a tremendous, as well as, time saving asset, that helped me successfully pass the Captains promotional written exam and was well worth the money."

Jim G.

"Thanks to FiredUp I was able to effectively study for my departments Captain promotional exam even with short notice prior to the test date and regular life getting in the way. I would recommend FiredUp for anyone that doesn't have the time to read all the books!"

Theresa B.

"I was looking for a way to identify what materials I needed to focus on for an upcoming promotional exam. Fired Up helped me identify and address those needs and pass the test!"

Justin B.

"FiredUp was extremely helpful in preparing for my promotional exam. The material I needed was readily available, and I was able to tailor the quizzes in order to work on my weaknesses."

Jason E.

I did find the test bank useful, I scored a 86. There were 22 candidates that took the test and I came out number 4, which is good. I just wanted to inform you I passed my LT test with an 86 and got 3rd on the list. I honestly believe that your website helped me prepare for the exam. I’m very excited. Thank you!

Corey Joy, Manchester, NH

Hello, first off, so far enjoying the lifetime membership deal. I've used similar test perps in the past for my EMT and other requirements and it's nice to find a thick collection of material in one place, so thank you.

John Kopczisnky, Gastonia Fire Department

I totally believe that FIREDUP was a large part of why I was able to achieve the score I did on my test. It was a great way for myself to prepare for a fire officer II exam. I am a busy person with kids, a second job, and being an active volunteer with my age it was getting harder to retain the study material. FIREDUP had many of the books that were included for the exam and it was easy to utilize the chapters that the test was over on the site. The site was very easy to navigate. Too bad a person wasn’t able to get some type of commission for referring this site to others! I can't stop telling everyone about it.

Craig Thompson, Camp Township

The practice tests were awesome and a great review of the incident safety officer 1521. The OFM test was not as expected and much easier than I thought it was going to be. I definitely studied more than what was needed. You always get the questions where no answer seems correct or they all do and have to pick which is the most correct. Thanks!

Tammy Brown, Lambton shores

FiredUp worked great for me. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend it to co-workers. I will also use it in the future. Thank you.

Nikolai Ghany, PBCFR

I’m so thankful for this program that helped me succeed at obtaining a promotion to captain!! Thank you again!!

Billy Turner, Douglas County Fire District #2

Hey John. I Just wanted to say thank you for creating this site. I just took my written exam for promotion here in WInston-Salem NC. and your material really helped me prepare. I will definitely be telling anyone and everyone about your site. Thank You again!

Caleb Kiger, Winston-Salem Fire Department

I wanted to leave a review of your system. I purchased your training program 3 months ago to prepare for a Lieutenants written exam. Your program was very easy to use and 2 of the 3 books we used were covered. I am happy to say that out of the 12 other candidates that took the exam I am one of 5 that passed and will move on to the next step. Thank you for developing this program. I am one step closer to promotion.

Scott Navaroli, Southborough Fire Department

Hey John I just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate your help with all my questions I had for you and the material that you offered me for the promotional test I had today, I got number one on the test and will be promoting to Battalion Chief, I will be leaving you a great review on Facebook in next few days, I am extremely happy with the product you put out and will be letting every firefighter I'm friends with how great your company is, thank you so very much for allowing me to reach a goal that I never thought was possible!!

Jerry Burgess, Denison

I thought FiredUp was extremely helpful in covering the books and combing through my weak spots. Thanks for reaching out and for coming out with a tool that is accessible on any device. I recommended it to a couple of close friends I got on with. Appreciate you reaching out, be safe brother.

Rich Marsh, HFD

Just wanted to say thank you. Site was just what I needed to help out in the end. Tests were spot on and I will be promoted to the battalion chief level.

Brad Brundrett

Your FiredUp testing program is very well put together and it helped me a lot during the promotion process. Thank you very much for your help!

Chris Fusco, Southington Fire Department

Your product was very helpful. I would definitely recommend FiredUp!

Giovanni Guida, Newark

It was very helpful and easy to use, thank you.

Casey Kingry

I'd like to say that I'm getting a lot out of your program so far and it's a help toward my studying effort

Patrick Wirkus, Elizabeth Fire Department

I just wanted to say thank you, I have been using your site leading up to my engineers promotional exam. I scored the highest written score, the next closest was 4% lower than mine. I genuinely owe my score to this site!

Mikey Wyrwicki, CCFD

Your website was amazing in helping prepare me for the test, thank you!

Kyle Green, Farmers Branch

I did enjoy your program though and look forward to recommending it and using it in the future.

Jacob Toevs

Thank you for an awesome study guide. I recently used it for my DPO promotional exam that covered 4 separate books. Safety and survival, Fire Command, Buddy to Boss and the pump/aerial IFSTA manual. The fired-up generated test bank, closely mimicked the test questions I saw. I scored the highest on the exam that has ever been made with an 84. I will be promoted next month. “Hard work and decimation pay off!” But I will say... every question I saw on the exam. I’d seen a resembling question within fired-up. Thank you!

Charles W. Brummett II, Harker Height FD (TX)

I would like to thank the team from FiredUp. Your study material made it possible for me to come in 2nd on my department's Captain promotional exam. I only missed 1st by 0.8 of a point from the total score. This is due entirely to the fact that I was able to score a 94% on the written exam. I didn't come in first, but I will still get my promotion, just a few months later. I probably would have made an easy 1st place, but that person was also using your service and beat me on the written text by 1 point. I will definitely be using your website again when I study for the chief's test!

Jason Mitchell

Just want you to know - I achieved the high score on my latest promotional exam! Thank you for providing your website! Absolutely brought my studies to the next level!

Can't THANK YOU enough for your work on your site & obviously this book! Has brought my quality of study to a whole new level !!!!!

Mark Riding

Good idea to just do monthly access. Straight forward the test question bank

Chris Ferrer

Wanted to thank you. Your site was super beneficial to me and my test prep. I was just promoted from firefighter to the rank of Captain. FiredUp was a big part of my success. I will definitely recommend it to my guys studying for the next promotional cycle. Thanks!

Ty Miller

It's a shame I found this site too late to really help but last minute test prep seems to be my strong point so it's definitely a golden find for me still.

Devlin Lamb, Norman Fire Department

Thanks to your software I will be promoted within the next 3 months! I will be looking to use your software for a future test when I’m eligible for the Battalion Chiefs test. Thank you again!!

Josh Moore, Port Orange Fire Rescue

I love the program and the questions were perfect. I will absolutely subscribe to you again. Also I recommended you to someone in another local department as well and they joined.

Tyler Quarantiello

I want to say thank you for the help with my test. I passed, and really set myself up to do well for the rest of the process. Thanks again for the help, and I’ll let the folk in our dept know about the site for our next process!

Jakob Cook

First off, I love your site. I’m prepping for a Chief exam and so far your format has been extremely helpful.

James Petruzzi

FiredUp's testing materials helped me land number 1 on my battalion chiefs exam!

Eric Levernier, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD

FiredUp prepared me for my promotional test in a way that nothing else online could. It took away any sense of uncertainty and I could take my test with confidence. The questions were very similar to the ones on my promotional test. This is an essential tool if you are going to be taking any fire tests and I will use it for any future tests.

Colton Bowling, Smith County ESD 2

Thank you John, I appreciate the help. The program was great. The ability to select the books was the selling point for me. My department just swapped test companies and we knew this was a brand new test. I’m more than happy with my decision to study with FiredUp as it was applicable to the material we were being tested on. 28 members took our test, 14 passed, I know at least 3 of us passed using this program, so thank you.

Chris Wilcox, City of Bangor, IAFF local 772

Firedup was a great help and there was a question word for word on the exam! I scored a 97 which put me at the top of the list currently with the oral portion remaining. Thanks for the help as this is great software!

Jeffrey Nolet, Danbury CT

Just wanted to say thanks for having this app, I took my promotional test last week and did pretty good. I think your app definitely helped. I'll be sure to recommend this product in the future thanks.

Dan DeRobbio, City of Warwick FD

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