3 Benefits of Study Software for Written Firefighter Promotion Tests


Study after study over the last several decades has shown that taking practice tests spaced out over time ahead of a test is one of the most effective learning strategies. It beats other studying practices by a country mile. And if you’re studying for something big — like a firefighter promotion exam — you probably want to prepare as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. The practice test should be part of your study strategy, and the right study software makes it easy. Here are three benefits of study software for written firefighter promotion tests.

1.  Ease of Use

The right study software makes taking practice tests a breeze, with no set up time required. Just open your laptop or fire up your phone, log into your account, and go. Your practice tests are ready whenever you are, and short bursts of focused effort are another top study strategy.

Software, like FiredUp practice test study software, is also designed to be user friendly, so it’s not overly complicated to use. Follow our simple steps to create a customized test that focuses on all the things you need to learn. Plus, our practice tests are automatically graded instantly, so you can see your results right away.

2.  Smart and Comprehensive

Today’s technology is smart — really smart. Our software tracks your questions to ensure you’re covering all of the necessary material. And while you’re learning, your software is too. Once you’ve mastered something by answering it correctly three times, our software pulls that question from your queue. No wasting time answering the same repetitive questions again and again.

3.  Targeted Questions

Common question — how can you be sure your study software covers the material specific to your test? Our comprehensive study software is based on dozens and dozens of books and materials used in fire department promotion tests across the country, and our questions are written with page references if you need to do more research. You choose the books and chapters that you need to cover for your test, which means no wasting time sorting through material you don’t need. 

The Takeaway

Forget the Cliff’s Notes for every fire service book you’re studying — study software has all of the material you need, served up in a scientifically-proven format for maximum retention. Any firefighter studying for a promotional exam will benefit from this method of studying, and we invite you to dive in at no charge to see for yourself.