3 Reasons Change Could be Preventing You From Promoting in the Fire Service


For some, change can be a scary thing, for others, it may just be inconvenient. If the thought of change is holding you back from making the decision to promote and starting on your firefighter promotional exam prep, don’t let it hold you back anymore. 

1. You are Comfortable

Getting comfortable in a position is a huge reason to stay in that position. You have to remember though, there was a time you were NOT this comfortable at your current rank, but you got to that sweet comfortable spot eventually. Have you made yourself uncomfortable before and survived and thrived? I will answer this question for you, YES! I know because you are thinking about promoting, which means you went through the fire academy and succeeded, something you had never done before. If you LOVE what you are doing great, if you are happy with your income, wonderful, but if you are just comfortable and don’t want to go through another awkward learning period for a new rank, think about it. Are you happy or just comfortable? Do you have more to offer to the fire service? Promoting is a huge decision and it is not for everyone but it may be for you. 

2. If You Leave Your Fire Station Will Change

Some firefighters might be hesitant to take the firefighter promotional exam because they believe if they leave, their station will change, and they worry about the people they are leaving behind. If you did your job and really took care of the people you work with, you should have nothing to worry about. You passed your knowledge on to your crew, and if you aren’t sure if this is true, the fact that you are even worrying about leaving your people behind if you get promoted and go to another station or position proves you did. Your promotion could also give another member of your team the opportunity to step into a leadership role and pick up where you left off.

3. Change Means More Work

Getting promoted means there is going to be more work, there is no denying this is true, but a lot of good can come with the new responsibilities. You will learn new skills and will have the opportunity to meet new people.  The new skills you learn could not only benefit your career but your entire community as well. The new people in your life and surround yourself with will pass your skills onto and help you learn your new position. You have to decide if you want to stay in your comfort zone or step out and go after for your goals. Promoting means lots of studying, test taking, and interviewing. You will have more responsibilities if you pass and get promoted to a new rank, but that shouldn’t scare you away from going after your dream job. 

The Takeaway

Change can be scary and uncomfortable, but change can also be so good. If you are hesitating to make the change and take the firefighter promotional exam reflect on how far you have come. You have passed tests before, you have gone through interviews before, you have had new jobs before, and you survived and you got comfortable in your new position eventually. Change is temporary, but working toward your dream job can have lifelong benefits.