4 Places to Find Fire Officer Promotional Exam Questions


Burned out from reading through all the IFSTA books that are going to be on your firefighter promotional exam? As part of an effective study plan, it’s important to find fire officer promotional exam questions to test your knowledge, reinforce what you’ve learned and identify your areas of weakness. And we’re making it easy. Here are four places to find fire officer promotional exam questions to get you ready for test day. 

1. Practice Test Websites

Websites that provide practice test questions are an effective and efficient method to prepare for a test. Websites like FiredUp Firefighter Promotional Exam Prep provide you with thousands of test questions from a library of fire service books. Online test questions are convenient because they can be accessed anywhere, any time, as long as you have an internet connection. And with test questions written from the same books that will be on your test, you can be sure you’re studying the right material.

2. Study Guides 

Study guides are becoming harder to find these days, which means they’re getting more expensive. Still, if you like to write everything out by hand, these can be a good option. Be sure to get the study guide that matches the edition of the book you are using. A strategy that works well is to read the book, complete the study guide and then make flashcards for all the questions you missed in the study guide. It’s a lot of groundwork, but this strategy will ensure you learn the book front to back.

3. Promoted Firefighters

Promoted firefighters in your own department can be a valuable (and free!) resource that should not be overlooked. Odds are good they have a stack of study material that could provide you with ample practice problems to study. But use judgement here, and approach only those firefighters you know are both knowledgeable and trustworthy.

4. Publisher Apps

Some of the bigger publishers offer apps they created for their books. Download the app onto your phone and have practice test questions in your hands in no time. These aren’t free, and you will very likely need to buy an app for each book that you want to study. Another downside is that these questions tend to be right out of the book, so they may not provide a different view on the material like practice test websites do. Still, an app can be a good option if you only have one book on your test or do not have access to a computer.  

Once you’re armed with fire officer promotional exam questions, it’s time to incorporate them in a study plan. Remember, practice tests are only one part of an effective study plan, so look for other learning mediums for broad exposure to the material you need to know. The more ways you prepare, the better prepared you will be for whatever is thrown at you on test day.