4 Steps To Using Music To Relax As You Prepare For Your Firefighter Promotional Exam

Beginning your firefighter promotional exam journey is an exciting step, but it can also be a stressful one. Be aware when you are feeling stressed as you begin to work on your firefighter promotional exam prep and try using music meditation to help you destress. 

Why Music Mediation Works

Have you ever noticed how when you turn on music, you can feel an instant change in your emotions? Of course some music makes you sad and some can even make you angry, but if you choose your music wisely you can have an instant de-stresser while you are preparing for your firefighter promotional exam. Listening to music, such as classical music, after you experience stress and have negative feelings, can turn those feelings into “positive emotions.” Every person is different and will need different varieties of music to elicit positive emotions. Playing a song that brings you positive feelings will flood your entire body with positivity because your mind will focus its attention on the music instead of the negative thoughts and feelings you were previously having. This happens because when you play music that you like because levels of the stress hormone cortisol decrease as you listen to the music. Music provides a short term calming effect for your body. 

How to Practice Music Meditation 

  1. Pick a Song

As talked about above you want to pick music that elicits positive emotions in your body. You will have the best results if you listen to music without lyrics. This is because lyrics can actually distract you and encourage your mind to wander. Have fun picking out some music without lyrics that makes you feel at ease. It does not have to be classical music, you can find tons of relaxing music on youtube, or even instrumental versions of your favorite songs. 

  1. Find a Comfy Spot

Once you have a song or songs picked out, find a cozy spot to listen to it. You can sit on your couch, lay on the floor or in your bed, or wherever you feel comfortable and relaxed. You will also want to be sure there are no distractions in your music meditation spot to keep your mind from wandering. Your comfy spot can even just be your study spot if you want, it does not have to be anything fancy. 

  1. Focus on the Music

Once your music and comfy spot are picked out it is time to turn on your music. Do your best to focus on the music and only the music. Try to prevent your mind from wandering, and just feel the music in your body as your body begins to calm. 

  1. Relax

As you focus on the music, try to relax. Relax in whatever way you wish; close your eyes, take deep breaths and feel your body move as you breathe. It will probably take you a few times listening to your music before you will be able to fully relax. Listen to a song or two or three if you need it, until you feel your mind and body relax. 

The Takeaway

Next time you begin to feel stressed out or overwhelmed while you work on your firefighter promotional exam material, remind yourself to take a quick break and listen to some music that makes you happy. The simple task of listening to music as a study break will help reduce your overall stress levels so you can focus on acing your firefighter promotional exam.