5 Extra Things For a Top Notch Firefighter Promotional Exam Study Session

Most people think you just need to bring textbooks and learning materials when working on your firefighter promotional exam prep. You can have a successful study session with just those supplies, but if you want to actually enjoy studying try bringing these things too. 

  1. Backpack/Bag

The best thing you can do to keep yourself organized as you begin your firefighter promotional exam journey is to get a backpack, bag or even a box to keep all of your study supplies in one place. This way you don’t have to scramble to get all of your supplies together when it is time to begin your study sessions, they are all in one place. This also gives you the added benefit of portability, allowing you to study in more places if it is all together. You can even take it a step further and load it up with snacks and drinks so you can grab and go with it literally whenever. This convenience will make your life so much easier and your study sessions will feel much more organized and smooth. 

  1. Drinks & Snacks

Drinks and snacks are study session essentials. You need to stay hydrated and keep that stomach full of healthy foods if you want your brain working at full capacity and trust me you do. The best study beverage to have on hand is water. Try to avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks as they may make you feel jittery and just overall icky. Same goes for snacks, keep them healthy to keep your body feeling its best as you study. 

  1. Headphones

Headphones are a great accessory for any study session. Whether you are using noise canceling ones to drown out the noise of those around you because you need silence, or using them to play some light music because you need background noise to study, they are a must. This way you are in control of the noise around you and are not being constantly distracted by what others are doing. Being in control like this will help increase your focus and make your study session much more productive. 

  1. Comfy Outfit

Comfort is key when you sit down to study. So before you begin make sure you are in an outfit that you are comfortable in to limit distractions. Nothing is worse than sitting down to study and you are wearing shoes that are too tight or pants with a belt that is stabbing you in the stomach. Grab a cozy outfit so you are able to give 100 percent of your attention to your studying. In addition, make sure you are dressed for the temperature where you are studying. If you often find yourself studying in a coffee shop or library the temperature might be colder so be sure to wear a sweatshirt or even a blanket to keep you nice and comfortable throughout your study session. Layers may be the best idea because the tiniest thing can become the biggest distraction when you are studying, especially if you know you are easily distracted. 

  1. Chargers

If you are using electronics to help you study, do not forget the chargers. Chargers are a necessity if you are studying with the help of a laptop or phone, but are often easily forgotten. It is not that big of a deal if you are studying in your own home and have to walk to another room to get a charge, but if you trek to another study location and have to cut your study session short because you didn’t bring your chargers you will be disappointed for sure. So before you head out to study be sure to double check you have them with you. 

The Takeaway

The key to a successful study session is not just about the material you bring to study, but so much more. Having these extra things for your study session will help make the most of your time, lessen distractions, and maybe even make studying a little bit more enjoyable. So, if you want to have a top notch study session come prepared with more than just books.