5 More Things You Should NOT Be Doing While You Prepare to Take Your Firefighter Promotional Exam

Studying is a skill like anything else in life.  It is so easy to make mistakes that can be costly to your time as you have likely not studied for a long time. As you work on your firefighter promotional exam prep, try to avoid making these study mistakes. 

  1. Not Asking For Help

Studying for your firefighter promotional exam may seem like a solo mission because there is no class to take and no teacher directing you. However, there are so many people that are capable and willing to help you on this journey and it is a good idea to have those people in your back pocket before you are desperate for help. As soon as you sign up to take the firefighter promotional exam you should reach out to others you know who have gone through the process, or others that may be testing with you even if they seem like competition. You can go to these people when you come across some material you are struggling with or just to help you study and ask them questions about what to expect from the promotion process. 

  1. Not Knowing the Format/Info of the Exam

One major way to set yourself up for failure when it comes to taking your firefighter promotional exam is not knowing the format of the exam or the material on the exam. Every department will likely have different test formatting so you cannot assume it will be the same as somewhere else if you have gone through the promotion process before. Will it be an actual written portion where you have to write an essay, will there be math or is it simply multiple choice? This is information you will need to find out as early on as you can so you can prepare appropriately. 

  1. Not Figuring Out Your Study Style

A big mistake you may be making while studying that can be very costly to you is not figuring out how you study and learn best. You may think there is only one way to study but there are tons of ways to learn and there is no one size fits all study method. So early on in your study journey you should experiment to find the study method that fits you best. What works for your friend may not work for you, and something that worked for you in high school or college may no longer work. You will end up saving so much time and energy if you make that investment in yourself and figure it out early on in your promotion journey. 

  1. Studying While Hungry

Be sure to have a full, but not too full, stomach when you sit down to start your study session. That way your brain won’t be distracted by your stomach growling or dreaming of the delicious meal you will devour when you are all done studying.  In addition, having food in your stomach will help prevent headaches and make sure your brain is able to perform at its best because it is nourished to the fullest. However,  don’t come to your study session stuffed because that will be equally as distracting.

  1. Studying While Cranky

If you are in a mood, wait to study until you are feeling a bit better. You will likely spend the entire study session in your own brain and not in a good way. Take the time instead to figure out why you are cranky and resolve that issue and get back to your studying later. If you don’t you will probably end up spending the entirety of your study session doing just that anyways and accomplish nothing. 

The Takeaway

Learning how to study again can be a learning process in itself. So take these tips to heart as you are beginning to study for your firefighter promotional exam. Hopefully this will save you some time when you start studying and so there are no surprises come test day.