5 Reasons You Need to Start Studying Outdoors For Your Firefighter Promotional Exam

Studying inside at a desk under fluorescent lights may be the norm, but consider taking those books outside. Taking your firefighter promotional exam prep out of the house, library, or cafe and into nature can not only help you improve your test score, but also your mental health. 

Benefits of Studying Outside

  1. Improve Cognitive Function

One reason being outdoors increases cognitive function is because being outside is said to increase blood flow to your brain. The blood delivers the nutrients and oxygen your brain needs to function properly. So while you are outside studying your brain is getting all of the things it needs to be working at peak performance for you. In addition, “studying outside can actually provide the neurological responses needed to retain that new information better.” Improved retention is just what you need to do your best on your firefighter promotional exam. So grab your books and study material and find a nice spot to study. 

  1. Decrease Eye Strain

Another major benefit of studying outside is the decrease in eye issues that can be associated with studying indoors under artificial light. Being outside and studying in natural light can reduce eye strain substantially and can even improve your vision. So if you feel your eyes getting tired, blurred vision, or eye sensitivity while you study, that may be your cue to take a break or even take the books and find some natural light. 

  1. Improve Mood

Have you ever needed to go outside and get a breath of fresh air after a stressful day or experience and then actually felt better after. That is because being outside truly has mood boosting properties. Scientists have found that,any exposure to nature …led to improvements in attention, positive emotions and the ability to reflect on a life problem.” This improvement in positive emotion you get from being in nature will make your study session much more enjoyable therefore more beneficial to you. This will also increase the likelihood of you studying more often if you enjoy it because it is associated with more positive emotions than studying inside. 

  1. Increase Energy

Along with the mood boost that comes from studying outside also comes an energy boost. This boost is associated with increased serotonin levels from the sun. The increased serotonin then leads to increased energy. It can also lead to better sleep by helping set your sleep cycle, which will also help improve your energy levels in the long term and not just for the day you study. Once your sleep cycles get more regular with the help of the time spent outdoors, you will likely notice the long term benefits of increased energy from a better night's sleep. 

  1. Reduce Stress

For most people, being outside is a natural stress reliever. So studying outside is a great way to reduce the stress associated with studying as well as other life stressors. Being within nature can reduce your cortisol levels, which are a hormone in the body responsible for stress. In addition the same increased levels of serotonin mentioned above that increase your energy also help reduce your stress and make you feel a sense of calm.  So instead of studying in a cramped office or crowded cafe, find a nice park bench or picnic table to try instead. Just being outside may help you reduce some stress associated with studying and you may find a new favorite place to study. 

The Takeaway

It is understandable that you cannot always study outside, some study sessions require technology, power sources, or simply fewer distractions. When you can though, grab your textbook, flashcards or study guides and study them outside. You can even have a study session with your study group outside instead of at someone’s house. Get some fresh air and a study session all in one go.