Mind Mapping & How it Will Help You Pass Your Firefighter Promotional Exam

Mind-mapping may seem a little childish, but when it comes to completing your firefighter promotional exam prep and promoting no study method should be off limits. Let’s take a look at what mind-mapping is and how it may help you more than other traditional note-taking techniques. . 

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a visual representation of information, in the form of a diagram, in which you take a central concept and connect it to other related ideas and concepts as you take notes. The concept of mind mapping was created by Tony Buzan in the 1960’s.

How to Make An Effective Mind Map

  • One subject at the center of the map represented by a picture

  • Main topics branching off of the main subject 

  • Branch lines have a picture or keyword to distinguish how they are connected

  • Colorful

  • Add dimension 

As you read your firefighter promotional exam textbooks you can make a mind map for each chapter. The center concept of your map can be the title of the chapter. The branches can be subsections of the chapter, and you can branch off of the subsection with smaller topics and by defining keywords. It may even make the lengthy textbook reading a little more enjoyable. 

When it comes to making mind maps, the more visual and colorful the better. Your brain will be able to recall the information you put on your mind map easier if you add pictures and various colors to represent different topics and ideas. This is because our brains are visual not textual, so recall and retention will be so much easier if you can see what you are learning through images, drawings, and symbols, not just words.

Mind-maps may be especially helpful if you are studying things like hazardous materials because you can draw or print images to add to the mind map to help you have more visual representations than you would in traditional notes. 

The great thing about mind maps is you can make them on several mediums. You can make mind maps on a piece of paper or you can search the internet for mind map apps and resources to help you get started. 

Benefits of Mind Maps

Mind maps are an effective note-taking and learning strategy because it requires both sides of your brain to work together as you learn. The right side of the brain is responsible for creativity, spatial awareness, and emotion. The left side of the brain is responsible for language processing and logical processing. Creating mind maps forces you to use both the logical and creative side of your brain together as you take notes, which ensures “permanent learning is taking place, which is exactly what you need to pass your firefighter promotional exam and succeed in your new rank. 

The Takeaway

As you prepare for your firefighter promotional exam, don’t be afraid to explore various note-taking and study techniques and see what works for you and your learning style. Mind-maps may be just what you need to help you pass your firefighter promotional exam.