The Best Way to Calm Your Anxiety So You Can Pass Your Firefighter Promotional Exam

Test anxiety is so real, especially for individuals who are not used to taking tests regularly. As you begin your firefighter promotional exam prep, try the five senses calming technique so come test day you do not have to worry about your nerves getting the best of you. 

5 Senses Calming Technique

The 5 Senses Calming Technique is a way to ground yourself when you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. It puts a halt to any negative thoughts by forcing you to focus on your surroundings, taking your mind off of your anxiety, giving your body time to calm down and refocus. Once you are refocused you will be able to start studying again, or pick up where you left off at your test and keep going with a new sense of calm and focus. 

Step 1: 5 Things You Can See

The first step when you begin the 5 Step Calming Technique is to stop what you are doing and look around the room at five things you can see. It can be ANYTHING. The table you are working at, your dog, your couch, a picture on the wall. Just find five things that you see and focus on them. 

Step 2: 4 Things You Can Feel

Once you have the five things you can see, locate four things you can feel and well, feel them. It could be the cover of your textbook, your jeans, petting your cat, and so on. Just find four things that you can touch. 

Step 3: 3 Things You Can Hear

Next, you will identify three things you can hear. Music playing in the background, birds chirping outside your window, or your neighbor talking outside. Use your ears and identify three things you can hear. 

Step 4: 2 Things You Can Smell

After hearing three things you will identify two things you can smell. It could be your study snack, a candle that is on the table you are working at, the air around you, it really doesn’t matter what, just smell two things. 

Step 5: 1 Thing You Can Taste

Lastly, you will identify one thing you can taste. Do you have a piece of gum handy or a cup of coffee. You just need to taste one thing. 

Well how do you feel? Better, right! 

Why it Works

The 5 Senses Calming Technique works because it takes your mind off of the negative thoughts you are having and redirects your attention to what is going on in the moment around you through the use of your five senses. If you are having trouble grounding yourself in your study space, go outside and try the five senses technique there. Smell the flowers, feel the grass or a tree. Obviously this will not work during your exam, but it can be helpful while you are in the studying phase of your firefighter promotional exam. 

The Takeaway

Studying for your firefighter promotional exam and taking the exam itself can be anxiety inducing, but it doesn’t have to be. Be aware of when you are feeling overwhelmed so you can stop the negative feelings in their tracks with the use of the five senses calming technique.