Collapse of Burning Buildings: A Guide To Fireground Safety, 2nd Edition

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Chapter 1: General Collapse Information

Chapter 2: Terms of Construction and Building Design

Chapter 3: Building Construction: Firefighting Problems and Structural Hazards

Chapter 4: Masonry Wall Collapse

Chapter 5: Collapse Dangers of Parapet Walls

Chapter 6: Wood Floor Collapse

Chapter 7: Sloping Peak Roof Collapse

Chapter 8: Timber Truss Roof Collapse

Chapter 9: Flat Roof Collapse

Chapter 10: Lightweight Steel Roof and Floor Collapse

Chapter 11: Lightweight Wood Truss Collapse

Chapter 12: Ceiling Collapse

Chapter 13: Stairway Collapse

Chapter 14: Fire Escape Dangers

Chapter 15: Wood-Frame Building Collapse

Chapter 16: Collapse Hazards of Buildings Under Construction

Chapter 17: Collapse Caused by Master Stream Operations

Chapter 18: Search-and-Rescue at a Building Collapse

Chapter 19: Safety Precautions Prior to Collapse

Chapter 20: Why the World Trade Center Towers Collapsed

Chapter 21: High-Rise Building Collapse

Chapter 22: Post-Fire Analysis

Chapter 23: Early Floor Collapse

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