Company Officer, 3rd Edition

FiredUp has 735 Questions for Company Officer, 3rd Edition

Chapter 1: The Company Officer's Role-Challenges and Opportunities - 23 questions

Chapter 2: The Company Officer's Role in Effective Communications - 51 questions

Chapter 3: The Company Officer's Role in the Organization - 74 questions

Chapter 4: The Company Officer's Role in Management - 46 questions

Chapter 5: The Company Officer's Role in Managing Resources - 112 questions

Chapter 6: The Company Officer's Role: Principles of Leadership - 54 questions

Chapter 7: The Company Officer's Role in Leading Others - 52 questions

Chapter 8: The Company Officer's Role in Personnel Safety - 59 questions

Chapter 9: The Company Officer's Role in Fire Prevention - 47 questions

Chapter 10: The Company Officer's Role in Understanding Building Construction and Fire Behavior - 59 questions

Chapter 11: The Company Officer's Role in Fire Investigation - 31 questions

Chapter 12: The Company Officer's Role Planning and Readiness - 49 questions

Chapter 13: The Company Officer's Role in Incident Management - 78 questions

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Company Officer Fire Promotional Exam Questions


Company Officer, 3rd Edition


With this book, Company Officer, Clinton Smoke with Delmar Learning has created a text similar to what you would expect to find with the major publishers such as IFSTA or Jones & Bartlett. The layout and formatting of the book is very familiar. The author breaks down the material of the books into the different roles that a fire company officer, whether fire lieutenant or fire captain, has on the job. And there are lots of roles for a new company officer to learn, that is for sure and is evidenced by 13 chapters that each explain a different role for the firefighter to fill. I found the chapters on fire investigation and incident management to be very useful because the author breaks the topics down into ways that can be used in everyday situations on the job. This book is not as big and bulky as the IFSTA or Jones & Bartlett versions which make it a little less intimidating. 

For Company Officer 3rd Edition by Clinton Smoke FiredUp has created online practice test questions to help you learn the material from this book. FiredUp Firefighter Promotional Exam Prep uses the data mining process to pull test questions from the book. Then our online software creates practice tests for you that are customizable to your needs. 

If this book is on your promotion study list then trust FiredUp to be the study tool you need to help you pass your written fire promotion test. I recommend you get your hands on the book and get it read thoroughly. Then used FiredUp to test your knowledge and help you figure out material you missed to go back and review. Studying for a fire officer promotional test is a lot of work and you need all the help you can get. FiredUp is here to make your life easier and help you get the promotion you want!

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