Effective Supervisory Practices, 5th Edition - ICMA

FiredUp has 500 Questions for Effective Supervisory Practices, 5th Edition - ICMA

Chapter 1: Roles of a Supervisor - 34 questions

Chapter 2: Supervisory Leadership - 32 questions

Chapter 3: Ethics - 23 questions

Chapter 4: Strategic Planning, Management, and Evaluation - 48 questions

Chapter 5: Organizing Your Work and Time - 34 questions

Chapter 6: Working With The Budget - 33 questions

Chapter 7: Team Building - 35 questions

Chapter 8: Communicating with Employees - 31 questions

Chapter 9: Selecting, Onboarding, and Developing New Employees - 28 questions

Chapter 10: Accountability in the Workplace - 30 questions

Chapter 11: Evaluating Performance - 28 questions

Chapter 12: Motivating Employees - 30 questions

Chapter 13: Leading Change - 25 questions

Chapter 14: Ensuring a Harassment Free and Respectful Workplace - 32 questions

Chapter 15: Workplace Safety, Security, and Wellness - 29 questions

Chapter 16: Quality Customer Service - 28 questions

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Effective Supervisory Practices Test Questions


Effective Supervisory Practices, 5th Edition


While not designed for firefighters specifically this supervisor improvement book is a valuable resource for supervisors in training or supervisors that are wanting to become better at their job. ICMA is in the business of advancing the professionalism of local governments, so the content of this book is very applicable to aspiring company officers or chief officers. Effective Supervisory Practices, 5th Edition covers a lot of the soft skills of supervising that firefighters are always up to speed on. The book itself is laid out in an easy to read and follow format that includes lots of graphs, charts and graphics to help you understand the material. It is a nice book because Effective Supervisory Practices includes lots of tools from other authors such as the leadership tool from The Leadership Challenge called “The Five Practices and Ten Commitments of Exemplary Leadership”. 

Get a new perspective on supervising with this non-fire specific and very practical supervisory book from ICMA. Whether you are an aspiring fire officer or studying for a fire department promotion test this book is worth learning. Covering a range of topics from communication and ethics to motivation and leading change, there is a lot of actionable information for fire company officers.

And FiredUp Firefighter Promotional Exam Prep is here to help you learn the material within this book more thoroughly with online practice tests. We have read the book and pulled out a test bank of questions specifically from this 5th Edition of Effective Supervisory Practices to get you ready for your promotion test. Read the book then trust FiredUp to test your knowledge and help you succeed in getting promoted. There is a lot of information in this book and FiredUp is here to make sure you don’t skim over any details.

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