Essentials of Fire Fighting, 7th Edition

Well, IFSTA’s Essentials of Fire Fighting hasn’t changed a lot since I first studied it 18 years ago. Even in its 7th Edition of production it just feels the same as the old 1st or 2nd Edition you can find laying around fire stations. It is still a giant book with tons of entry level firefighter information. I noticed it did touch on the topic of flow paths and some more modern fire behavior information, which I was pleased to see. When reading through this book I was amazed at all the basic firefighting information that we absorb throughout our careers and seemingly forget about, yet we do it all the time. Besides that, this is a big giant book that weighs a ton and will leave anyone with a numb mind if they read it for more than a short period at a time.

The basics of the job may be simple, but they are necessary to know and be familiar with. For that reason this book can be found on some promotional exams throughout the fire service. We have seen the book on both fire apparatus driver/operator and company officer level promotion tests. If this book happens to be on your fire departments study list then you are in luck!

FiredUp has written multiple choice practice test questions to help you learn the material in the book. Those test questions are available in our online practice test study software. With practice tests you get a scientifically proven effective study method to help ensure your success at passing a written firefighter promotion test or hazmat exam. FiredUp delivers practice tests online so you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency that online tools give everyone. The best way to prepare is to read IFSTA Essentials of Fire Fighting, 7th Edition then use FiredUp to build upon your knowledge of the material in preparation for your written fire promotional exam!

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Chapter 1: Introduction to the Fire Service and Firefighter Safety

Chapter 2: Communications

Chapter 3: Building Construction

Chapter 4: Fire Dynamics

Chapter 5: Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment

Chapter 6: Portable Fire Extinguishers

Chapter 7: Ropes and Knots

Chapter 8: Ground Ladders

Chapter 9: Forcible Entry

Chapter 10: Structural Search and Rescue

Chapter 11: Tactical Ventilation

Chapter 12: Fire Hose

Chapter 13: Hose Operations and Hose Streams

Chapter 14: Fire Suppression

Chapter 15: Overhaul, Property Conservation, and Scene Preservation

Chapter 16: Building Materials, Structural Collapse, and Effects of Fire Suppression

Chapter 17: Technical Rescue Support and Vehicle Extrication Operations

Chapter 18: Foam Fire Fighting, Liquid Fires, and Gas Fires

Chapter 19: Incident Scene Operations

Chapter 20: Fire Origin and Cause Determination

Chapter 21: Maintenance and Testing Responsibilities

Chapter 22: Community Risk Reduction

Chapter 23: First Aid Provider

Chapter 24: Analyzing the Incident

Chapter 25: Action Options and Response Objectives

Chapter 26: Personal Protective Equipment, Product Control, and Decontamination

Chapter 27: National Incident Management System – Incident Command Structure

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