Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 4th Edition - IFSTA

FiredUp has 997 Questions for Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 4th Edition - IFSTA

Chapter 1: Transition to the Role of Company Officer - 24 questions

Chapter 2:  Leadership - 67 questions

Chapter 3:  Supervision - 17 questions

Chapter 4:  Logic, Ethics, and Decision-Making - 25 questions

Chapter 5:  Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities - 42 questions

Chapter 6:  Interpersonal Communications - 20 questions

Chapter 7:  Oral Communications - 22 questions

Chapter 8:  Written Communications - 24 questions

Chapter 9:  Administrative Functions - 32 questions

Chapter 10:  Safety and Health Issues - 17 questions

Chapter 11:  Organization Structure - 32 questions

Chapter 12:  Company-Level Training - 20 questions

Chapter 13:  Human Resources Management - 33 questions

Chapter 14:  Labor/Management Relations - 27 questions

Chapter 15:  Community Relations and Public Fire and Life-Safety Education - 19 questions

Chapter 16:  Records Management - 20 questions

Chapter 17:  Pre-Incident Planning - 58 questions

Chapter 18:  Incident Scene Communications - 28 questions

Chapter 19:  Incident Scene Management - 46 questions

Chapter 20:  Incident Scene Operations - 76 questions

Chapter 21:  Post-Incident Activities - 34 questions

Chapter 22:  Management Activities - 24 questions

Chapter 23:  Types and Forms of Government - 42 questions

Chapter 24:  Interagency and Intergovernmental Cooperation - 14 questions

Chapter 25:  Analyses, Evaluations, and Statistics - 29 questions

Chapter 26:  Human Resources Management II - 21 questions

Chapter 27:  Administrative Responsibilities - 35 questions

Chapter 28:  Fire and Life Safety Inspections - 66 questions

Chapter 29:  Fire Investigations - 37 questions

Chapter 30:  Multiunit Emergency Scene Operations - 23 questions

Chapter 31:  Post-Incident Analysis and Critique - 11 questions

Chapter 32:  Safety Investigations and Analyses - 12 questions

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Fire Company Officer Practice Tests


Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 4th Edition


The IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer book packs a serious amount of information into one place. This in depth book covers many different aspects of a fire officer's duties and responsibilities. You can learn about anything from fire prevention and public education all the way to legal issues and documentation responsibilities of a fire officer. As is with most IFSTA books, this is not an exciting read but it is packed with data and information that could become IFSTA Company Officer test questions for your fire department promotional exam. Plan on plenty of time to learn all the material in this book.

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