Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 6th Edition - IFSTA

FiredUp has 537 Questions for Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 6th Edition - IFSTA

Chapter 1: The Company Officer - 29 questions

Chapter 2: Organizational Structure - 34 questions

Chapter 3: Leadership and Supervision - 35 questions

Chapter 4: Human Resources Management - 24 questions

Chapter 5: Communication - 39 questions

Chapter 6: Administrative Functions - 36 questions

Chapter 7: Occupational Safety, Health, and Wellness - 27 questions

Chapter 8: Company-Level Training - 26 questions

Chapter 9: Building Construction, Fire Protection Systems, and Fire Behavior - 33 questions

Chapter 10: Company-Level Inspections and Preincident Planning - 30 questions

Chapter 11: Delivery of Emergency Services - 27 questions

Chapter 12: The Company Officer II - 37 questions

Chapter 13: Human Resources and Administrative Responsibilities II - 59 questions

Chapter 14: Origin and Cause Determination - 35 questions

Chapter 15: Delivery of Emergency Services II - 34 questions

Chapter 16: Safety Investigations and Analyses - 32 questions

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Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 6th Edition


Fresh off the press the latest 6th Edition of IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer was published at the end of 2019. IFSTA kept with their new layout and design as can be noted by the cover of this fire book. It seems that every edition of this company officer book is getting shorter and shorter with this edition coming in at under 500 pages. The content of this edition is very similar to the last edition except you will see one less chapter in the newest edition. IFSTA has combined the topics of human resources and administrative responsibilities into one chapter. They have also removed the appendix on the National Incident Management System-Incident Command System (NIMS-ICS) as well. 

Aside from these subtle changes you will still find this edition of the fire company officer series from IFSTA contains all the basic information needed to establish baseline knowledge for an aspiring company officer. You will see some more moden information in this book. For example there is a section discussing fire dynamics which wasn’t in previous editions of this book. It is nice to see the edition of more modern and up-to-date content from the writers. 

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