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Becoming a fire service instructor is required in most departments for the journey of becoming a fire company officer, captain or lieutenant. IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Instructor is a heavy duty book that contains just about all the information that you will need to become an effective fire service instructor. If you are looking to put on a class or plan a training for your department then this IFSTA book can serve as a great reference to remind you of the necessary steps and components to be successful. IFSTA Fire Service Instructor is an in depth and dry read but much of the information found in the book is invaluable to be an effective teacher.

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Chapter 1: The Instructor as a Professional

Chapter 2: Principles of Learning

Chapter 3: Instructional Planning

Chapter 4: Instructional Materials and Equipment

Chapter 5: Learning Environment

Chapter 6: Classroom Instruction

Chapter 7: Student Interaction

Chapter 8: Skills-Based Training Beyond the Classroom

Chapter 9: Testing and Evaluation

Chapter 10: Records, Reports, and Scheduling

Chapter 11: Lesson Plan Development

Chapter 12: Training Evolution Supervision

Chapter 13: Test Item Construction

Chapter 14: Supervisory and Administrative Duties

Chapter 15: Instructor and Class Evaluations

Chapter 16: Course and Curriculum Development

Chapter 17: Training Program Evaluation

Chapter 18: Training Program Administration

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