Fire and Emergency Services Instructor: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition - Jones & Bartlett

FiredUp has 500 Questions for Fire and Emergency Services Instructor: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition - Jones & Bartlett

Chapter 1: Today’s Fire and Emergency Instructor - 39 questions

Chapter 2: The Learning Process - 31 questions

Chapter 3: Methods of Instruction - 28 questions

Chapter 4: Communication Skills - 16 questions

Chapter 5: Using Lesson Plans - 20 questions

Chapter 6: Technology in Training - 10 questions

Chapter 7: Training Safety - 30 questions

Chapter 8: Evaluating the Learning Process - 24 questions

Chapter 9: Instructional Development - 20 questions

Chapter 10: Instructional Delivery - 23 questions

Chapter 11: Evaluation and Testing - 25 questions

Chapter 12: Program Management and Training Resources - 34 questions

Chapter 13: Program Development - 35 questions

Chapter 14: Program Evaluation - 23 questions

Chapter 15: Program Administration - 34 questions

Chapter 16: Live Fire Instructor Introduction - 18 questions

Chapter 17: Live Fire Instructor - 41 questions

Chapter 18: Preburn Inspection and Planning - 23 questions

Chapter 19: Conducting Burn Evolutions - 14 questions

Chapter 20: Post Live Fire Evolution - 12 questions

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Fire and Emergency Services Instructor Exam Questions


Fire and Emergency Services Instructor: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition


Being a good fire instructor is a key element to the role of fire company officer, but the skills from this Jones & Bartlett book can be used for any rank of firefighter in the fire service. Firefighters are expected to not only be a professional in their industry but to be able to teach their profession to their peers. Being an effective fire instructor requires significant preparation, which this book begins by giving you a solid base. Be sure to keep this book in your reference library because the information in this book isn't just for passing a promotional exam. You will need to come back to this text the next time you need to build a curriculum for a firefighter class. 

FiredUp has developed fire officer promotional exam questions from the Jones & Bartlett Fire and Emergency Services book to help you prepare for your test. Practice tests are a proven study method that gets results. With FiredUp you get the efficeiency of an online program with the results of a proven study method. Save time and effort with FiredUp to pass your written promotional test!

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