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Fire Department Incident Safety Officer Test Questions

For a relatively short book, Jones & Bartlett crammed a lot of chapters into the book Fire Department Incident Safety Officer, 3rd Edition. Having the book broken down into 17 chapters is useful though because it separates the necessary information into different incident types and topics so it is quick and easy to reference the material if needed. Need to know what a safety officer does at a wildland fire incident? Then flip to chapter 13 to find all the information you need to learn about the safety officers specific jobs at a wildland fire. Sort of a nice feature instead of having all the different emergency incident roles and responsibilities lumped into one giant chapter.  The font for this Jones & Bartlett fire book is a little small and thin so it can be hard on the eyes to read for very long. Each chapter has a Wrap Up section at the end which provides a nice little summary of the key concepts for every chapter. If you are in a hurry and want to grasp big picture ideas, start at the end of the chapters. 

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Chapter 1: The Safety Officer Role

Chapter 2: Safety Concepts

Chapter 3: Guiding Laws, Regulations, and Standards

Chapter 4: Designing an Incident Safety Officer System

Chapter 5: Reading Buildings

Chapter 6: Reading Smoke

Chapter 7: Reading Risk

Chapter 8: Reading Hazardous Energy

Chapter 9: Reading Firefighters

Chapter 10: Triggers, Traps, and Working with the Incident Commander

Chapter 11: A Systematic Approach to the ISO Role

Chapter 12: The ISO at Structure Fires

Chapter 13: The ISO at Wildland and I-Zone Fires

Chapter 14: The ISO at Hazardous Materials Incidents

Chapter 15: The ISO at Technical Rescue Incidents

Chapter 16: Postincident Responsibilities and Mishap Investigations

Chapter 17: The ISO at Training Drills and Special Events

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