Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, 3rd Edition

FiredUp has 656 Questions for Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, 3rd Edition

Chapter 1: General Principles of Firefighting - 15 questions

Chapter 2: Size-up - 34 questions

Chapter 3: Engine Company Operations - 32 questions

Chapter 4: Hoseline Selection, Stretching, and Placement - 41 questions

Chapter 5: Water Supply - 25 questions

Chapter 6: Sprinkler Systems and Standpipe Operations - 34 questions

Chapter 7: Ladder Company Operations - 35 questions

Ch. 8: Forcible Entry - 32 questions

Ch. 9: Ventilation - 40 questions

Ch. 10: Search and Rescue - 21 questions

Ch. 11: Firefighter Safety and Survival - 20 questions

Ch. 12: Private Dwellings - 25 questions

Ch. 13: Multiple Dwellings - 36 questions

Ch. 14: Garden Apartment and Townhouse Fires - 16 questions

Ch. 15: Store Fires - Taxpayers and Strip Malls - 47 questions

Ch. 16: High-rise Office Buildings - 47 questions

Ch. 17: Buildings Under Construction, Renovation, and Demolition - 16 questions

Ch. 18: Fire-Related Emergencies: Incinerators, Oil Burners, and Gas Leaks - 61 questions

Ch. 19: Structural Collapse - 41 questions

Ch. 20: Fire Department Roles in Terrorism and Homeland Security - 38 questions

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Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics Practice Tests


Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, 3rd Edition


One of the biggest benefits from reading this book is the detailed information on fighting fires in very specific types of situations.You can use this book to help you prepare for those not so common situations you may encounter as a fire officer. If you are a new fire captain or lieutenant the Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics can be a valuable resource for you to have as it lays out a guide for you to use. Although you can easily get distracted when reading this book by all the FDNY stories the author tells throughout the book. So be sure to focus on the material and not get sucked into the stories, which are many.

John Norman has created a very valuable guide that can be used by firefighters of all ranks with the Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics. FiredUp has created fire lieutenant promotional exam questions for you. Our online smart study software generates practice tests to help learn the material efficiently. FiredUp is a comprehensive, affordable and user-friendly study tool designed to help you pass your fire officer promotional exam.

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