Five Alarm Leadership, From the Firehouse to the Fireground

FiredUp has 247 Questions for Five Alarm Leadership, From the Firehouse to the Fireground

Chapter 1: Defining Leadership - 14 questions

Chapter 2: Brotherhood - 12 questions

Chapter 3: Managers Enforce Rules, Leaders Promote Values - 14 questions

Chapter 4: Supervision - 22 questions

Chapter 5: Think of a Great Leader - 15 questions

Chapter 6: Getting Things Done - 20 questions

Chapter 7: Integrity - 16 questions

Chapter 8: Initiative - 11 questions

Chapter 9: Innovation - 20 questions

Chapter 10: Insight - 13 questions

Chapter 11: Interest - 11 questions

Chapter 12: Inspiration - 13 questions

Chapter 13: Intensity - 11 questions

Chapter 14: Information - 23 questions

Chapter 15: What Kind of Leader Are You? - 17 questions

Chapter 16: It's Your Time to Lead - 15 questions

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Fire Officer Leadership Practice Questions


Five Alarm Leadership, From the Firehouse to the Fireground


Another good leadership book for aspiring fire officers in the fire service is delivered in Five Alarm Leadership, From the Firehouse to the Fireground. Two chief officers with plenty of leadership experience collaborate on this book to combine two points of view from completely different fire departments. 

This fire service leadership book is full of stories about various leadership experiences the two chiefs have lived. Although there are definitely lessons to be learned from stories this book lacks applicable action items for a fire officer to apply if they are trying to become better leaders. The stories also make this book a quick and easy read unlike some fire service textbooks. As far as testable material this book is tough to study. Filled with quotes, stories, and opinions it is unclear what material you would be tested on for a promotional exam so it is difficult to study this book. The author’s of this fire service leadership book provide the reader with a jolt of motivation to become a better and more effective leader. There is plenty of real world experience on display here. 

FiredUp Firefighter Promotional Exam Prep is a trusted source to help you learn the material within this book more thoroughly so you can get promoted. FiredUp uses an online and mobile friendly practice test software to provide you with a smart and effective study tool. We read the book and pulled out a test bank of questions specifically from Five Alarm Leadership, From the Firehouse to the Fireground to get you ready for your promotion test. 

With practice tests you get a scientifically proven effective study method to help ensure your success at passing your written fire lieutenant or captain promotion test. FiredUp delivers practice tests online so you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency that online tools give everyone. The best way to prepare for your test is to read Five Alarm Leadership, From the Firehouse to the Fireground then use FiredUp to build upon your knowledge of the material in preparation for your written fire promotional exam!


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