From Buddy to Boss: Effective Leadership Principles, 2nd Edition

From Buddy To Boss: Effective Leadership Principles Test Questions


Add this book to your list of essential firefighter leadership books. Aspiring fire officers should be sure to read this book from Chase Sargent to gain insight into fire service leadership and be prepared for the position the first day on the job. Leadership is desperately needed in the fire service and it is a skill that anybody could use no matter your rank or experience. The From Buddy To Boss Effective Fire Service Leadership book will give you a breadth of knowledge to step up and become an effective fire officer in the modern fire service.

FiredUp has created From Buddy to Boss test questions that are designed to be fire officer promotional exam questions. Read the From Buddy to Boss book then test your knowledge and be sure you learn all the material with our online practice tests. FiredUp is comprehensive, affordable and user-friendly smart study software that builds practice tests for you to learn the material from From Buddy to Boss - Effective Fire Service Leadership.

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Chapter 1: The Organizational Foundation for Leadership

Chapter 2: Knowing Yourself

Chapter 3: Universal Rules for Survival

Chapter 4: Culture That Kills

Chapter 5: Keeping Humanity in Your Leadership

Chapter 6: Being Tested as a New Leader

Chapter 7: Maintaining Technical Competence

Chapter 8: Understanding and Enforcing Policy

Chapter 9: Understanding the Budget

Chapter 10: Evaluating and Compensating People

Chapter 11: Prejudice, Diversity, and Sexual Harassment

Chapter 12: Anger and Violence in the Workplace

Chapter 13: Decision Making - It’s Not Tarot Cards

Chapter 14: Accountability and Responsibility

Chapter 15: A Sheepdog Mentality in a Dangerous World

Chapter 16: Battlefield Firefighting

Chapter 17: Transitional Team Life Cycles

Chapter 18: Team Decision Training

Chapter 19: Planning and Implementation

Chapter 20: Managing Change

Chapter 21: The Business of the Business

Chapter 22: When Leadership Fails

Chapter 23: Leadership Lessons for Large-Scale Disaster Operations from 9/11 and Elsewhere

Chapter 24: Leadership Lessons from Iraq and Other Places

Chapter 25: Leadership in Times of Death and Dying

Chapter 26: EMS in 2017 and Beyond

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