Hazardous Material For First Responders, 5th Edition - IFSTA

FiredUp has 1162 Questions for Hazardous Material For First Responders, 5th Edition - IFSTA

Chapter 1: Introduction to Hazardous Materials - 73 questions

Chapter 2: Analyzing the Incident - Recognizing and Identifying the Presence of Hazardous Materials - 102 questions

Chapter 3: Implementing the Response - Awareness Level Actions at Hazmat Incidents - 43 questions

Chapter 4: Analyzing the Incident - Identifying Potential Hazards - 238 questions

Chapter 5: Analyzing the Incident - Predicting Behavior and Identifying Containers - 164 questions

Chapter 6: Planning the Response - Identifying Action Options - 49 questions

Chapter 7: Implementing and Evaluating the Action Plan - Incident Management and Response Objectives and Action Options - 76 questions

Chapter 8: Implementing the Response - Terrorist Attacks, Criminal Activities, and Disasters - 103 questions

Chapter 9: Implementing the Response - Personal Protective Equipment - 69 questions

Chapter 10: Implementing the Response - Decontamination - 47 questions

Chapter 11: Implementing the Response - Mission-Specific Detection, Monitoring, and Sampling - 61 questions

Chapter 12: Implementing the Response - Mission-Specific Victim Rescue and Recovery - 23 questions

Chapter 13: Implementing the Response - Mission-Specific Product Control - 50 questions

Chapter 14: Implementing the Response - Mission-Specific Evidence Preservation and Public Safety Sampling - 32 questions

Chapter 15: Implementing the Response - Mission-Specific Illicit Laboratories - 32 questions

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Hazardous Materials Promotion Exam Prep


Hazardous Materials For First Responders, 5th Edition


When you think of an IFSTA book, the Hazardous Materials For First Responders, 5th Edition is exactly that. Over 700 pages packed full of tables, charts, and graphics. All the visual aids are very useful though when learning about all the different types and styles of tanks and hazmat vehicles. There is a nice list of tables at the front of the book for quick reference of all the hazmat data and facts. The 15 chapters in Hazardous Materials For First Responders covers a diverse array of hazmat information that serves as a comprehensive introduction for any first responder. Whether studying for a fire officer promotional exam or to become a hazmat firefighter this book is essential to read.

If this book happens to be on your fire officer promotion study list or you need help preparing for a hazardous materials certification test, FiredUp is here for you! FiredUp has written multiple choice practice test questions to help you learn the material in the book. Those test questions are available in our online practice test study software. With practice tests you get a scientifically proven effective study method to help ensure your success at passing a written firefighter promotion test or hazmat exam. FiredUp delivers practice tests online so you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency that online tools give everyone. I recommend reading IFSTA Hazardous Materials For First Responders, 5th Edition then using FiredUp to build upon your knowledge of the material in preparation for your written fire promotional exam!

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