Kirk's Fire Investigation, 8th Edition

FiredUp has 909 Questions for Kirk's Fire Investigation, 8th Edition

Chapter 1: Principles of Fire Investigation - 127 questions

Chapter 2: The Basic Science and Dynamics of Fire - 96 questions

Chapter 3: Chemical Fires and Explosions - 85 questions

Chapter 4: Sources of Ignition - 27 questions

Chapter 5: Fire Scene Investigations - 144 questions

Chapter 6: Fire Scene Documentation - 73 questions

Chapter 7: Fires by Property Type - 83 questions

Chapter 8: Forensic Laboratory Services - 53 questions

Chapter 9: Fire Modeling - 42 questions

Chapter 10: Fire Testing - 22 questions

Chapter 11: Arson Crime Scene Analysis - 104 questions

Chapter 12: Fire Deaths and Injuries - 53 questions

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Kirk's Fire Investigation, 8th Edition


For the science and technical information of fire investigation this is the book you need. Kirk’s Fire Investigation, Eight Edition has over 700 pages packed with technical information. The book is divided into 12 chapters that are designed to have a logical flow and build upon the chapter that came before it. The preface states that the Eight Edition of Kirk’s Fire Investigation was produced by blending the seventh edition of Kirk’s with the third edition of Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction. I was impressed by the use of photos and combining photos with graphics to help you learn the material, which the book preface states new to this edition is the use of all color photos to help with understanding of topics. There is extensive use of tables to help breakdown the information into manageable bits. Thankfully there is a chapter review at the end of each chapter to give you a chance to take in what you have just read, you are going to need it. 

If you find yourself needing to learn the material in Kirk’s Fire Investigation, Eight Edition then you are in luck! FiredUp has written multiple choice practice test questions to help you learn the book cover to cover. Our test bank of questions is available within our online practice test study software to aid in your fire prevention promotional exam prep. With practice tests you get a scientifically proven effective study method to help ensure your success at passing a written firefighter promotion written test. FiredUp delivers practice tests online so you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency that online tools give everyone. Be sure to read the book Kirk’s Fire Investigation, Eight Edition first then use FiredUp to build upon your knowledge of the material in preparation for your written fire prevention promotional exam!

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