Live Fire Training: Principles and Practice to NFPA 1403, 2nd Edition - Jones & Bartlett

Ever heard of NFPA 1403, Standards on Live Fire Training? Well that is what this entire book is about. If you are someone that is or will be in the position of coordinating and supervising live fire training then you need to know this book. This book is small in stature compared to most Jones & Bartlett fire textbooks, but it is full of everything you need to know to plan and execute live fire training for your department. Live Fire Training, Principles and Practice to NFPA 1403, 2nd Edition is a must for fire prevention officers and safety officers involved in training. There is a lot of very specific information in regards to live fire training, which makes a book like this that outlines every detail and step needed for success in live fire training a very valuable resource to have.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Live Fire Training

Chapter 2: Critical Incident Planning

Chapter 3: Physiology of Fire Fighter Training

Chapter 4: Preparation and Training of Instructors

Chapter 5: Teaching Fire Behavior and Dynamics

Chapter 6: Preparation and Organization of Operations

Chapter 7: Acquired Structures

Chapter 8: Gas-Fired and Non-Gas-Fired Structures and Mobile Enclosed Live Fire Training Props

Chapter 9: Exterior Live Fire Training Props

Chapter 10: Reports and Documentation

Chapter 11: Live Fire Training Evolutions

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