Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, 3rd Edition - IFSTA

FiredUp has 701 Questions for Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, 3rd Edition - IFSTA

Chapter 1: Types of Apparatus Equipped with a Pump - 30 questions

Chapter 2: Apparatus Inspection and Maintenance - 33 questions

Chapter 3: Apparatus Safety and Operating Emergency Vehicles - 51 questions

Chapter 4: Positioning Apparatus - 29 questions

Chapter 5: Principles of Water - 39 questions

Chapter 6: Hose Nozzles and Flow Rates - 37 questions

Chapter 7: Theoretical Pressure Calculations - 25 questions

Chapter 8: Fireground Hydraulic Calculations - 17 questions

Chapter 9: Fire Pump Theory - 63 questions

Chapter 10: Operating Fire Pumps - 40 questions

Chapter 11: Static Water Supply Sources - 20 questions

Chapter 12: Relay Pumping Operations - 19 questions

Chapter 13: Water Shuttle Operations - 34 questions

Chapter 14: Foam Equipment and Systems - 44 questions

Chapter 15: Apparatus Testing - 24 questions

Chapter 16: Introduction to Aerial Fire Apparatus - 59 questions

Chapter 17: Positioning Aerial Apparatus - 23 questions

Chapter 18: Stabilizing the Apparatus - 26 questions

Chapter 19: Operating Aerial Apparatus - 33 questions

Chapter 20: Aerial Apparatus Strategies and Tactics - 31 questions

Chapter Addendum: Fire Service Knowledge and Skills for Driver/Operators - 24 questions

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Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Exam Prep


Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, 3rd Edition


If you have studied for a fire apparatus driver/operator or engineer promotion test in the years past you will be happy to see IFSTA has combined their pumping apparatus and aerial apparatus books into one book. Having both the pumping and aerial apparatus content combined into one book makes studying for a fire apparatus driver operator test more efficient for you. This also reduces the number of books you have to purchase, which is always appreciated. Although if your fire department does not utilize aerial apparatus in its fleet then this book may provide you with extra information that is not needed for your fire service promotion test. It never hurts to learn about other types of fire apparatus though because if your fire station doesn't have an aerial apparatus then one of your neighboring fire departments probably does.

FiredUp is here for you to assist with your fire apparatus driver operator exam prep from the IFSTA Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver Operator Handbook by providing you with online practice tests. FiredUp's IFSTA driver operator exam prep can also provide you with a firefighter driver operator study guide that you can use to study. With a subscription to FiredUp you can take unlimited practice tests with no limit on the amount of questions available to you from the IFSTA Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver Operator 3rd Edition book.


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