Safety and Survival on the Fireground, 2nd Edition

FiredUp has 730 Questions for Safety and Survival on the Fireground, 2nd Edition

Chapter 1: Death and Injury Statistics - 24 questions

Chapter 2: Collapse Rescue Dangers - 38 questions

Chapter 3: Responding and Returning Dangers - 31 questions

Chapter 4: Searching for Fire Location Dangers - 42 questions

Chapter 5: Advancing the Initial Attack Hoseline Dangers - 37 questions

Chapter 6: Operating Above Fire Dangers - 21 questions

Chapter 7: Peaked and Flat Roof Dangers - 56 questions

Chapter 8: Cellar Fire Dangers - 43 questions

Chapter 9: Propane Gas Fire Dangers - 20 questions

Chapter 10: Wildfire Dangers - 21 questions

Chapter 11: Aerial Ladder Climbing Dangers - 22 questions

Chapter 12: Forcible Entry Dangers - 30 questions

Chapter 13: Master Stream Operation Dangers - 23 questions

Chapter 14: Dangers of Outside Venting - 22 questions

Chapter 15: Fire Escape Dangers - 23 questions

Chapter 16: Overhauling Dangers - 30 questions

Chapter 17: Risk Analysis Dangers - 13 questions

Chapter 18: Interior Firefighting Dangers - 16 questions

Chapter 19: Exterior Firefighting Dangers - 22 questions

Chapter 20: Safe Firefighting Practices: 60 Ways to Survive Firefighting - 29 questions

Chapter 21: Firefighting Dangers: Causes of Death and Injury - 44 questions

Chapter 22: Fire Hazard Identification and Assessment - 94 questions

Chapter 23: Safety Orders and Actions - 21 questions

Chapter 24: Firefighter's Legacy - 8 questions

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Safety and Survival on the Fireground Exam Prep


Safety and Survival on the Fireground, 2nd Edition

Safety and Survival on the Fireground is one of the best firefighter books I have ever read. This is a must read book for all firefighters, new and experienced! It has been the most requested book I have had for promotion study test prep help so apparently it is used by many fire departments for their promotion processes. This book however is very appropriate, if not required, reading for firefighters of all levels of rank and experience. The book is well organized and laid out so it is easy to use as a reference years after reading the book. Or you can jump to a chapter on a specific topic that you are looking for such as explosions or cellar fires.

In his book Chief Vincent Dunn gives the most concise and clear description of coordinated fire attack and what it should look like in a single two page subsection that I have ever come across. His writing is very easy to comprehend as well as being packed with information. For any West Coast firefighters the chapter on wildfire is a little generic, but he still gets some good points across. I found many ideas and topics for training my crew by reading this book. Overall the book is very well put together and obviously a lot of care and effort was put into it by Chief Dunn.

FiredUp Firefighter Promotional Exam Prep is a trusted source to help you learn the material within this book more thoroughly so you can get promoted. FiredUp uses an online and mobile friendly practice test software to provide you with a smart and effective study tool. We read the book and pulled out a test bank of questions specifically from Safety and Survival on the Fireground, 2nd Edition to get you ready for your promotion test. 

With practice tests you get a scientifically proven effective study method to help ensure your success at passing your written firefighter promotion test. FiredUp delivers practice tests online so you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency that online tools give everyone. The best way to prepare for your test is to read the book Safety and Survival on the Fireground, 2nd Edition then use FiredUp to build upon your knowledge of the material in preparation for your written fire department promotion exam!

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