The Art of Reading Buildings

FiredUp has 660 Questions for The Art of Reading Buildings

Chapter 1: Introduction - 21 questions

Chapter 2: Essential Building Concepts - 44 questions

Chapter 3: Anatomy of a Building - A Map - 55 questions

Chapter 4: Classifying Buildings - NFPA 220 System - 78 questions

Chapter 5: Classifying Buildings - Hybrid, Era, Use, Type, and Size Considerations - 63 questions

Chapter 6: Alternative and Evolving Construction Trends - 49 questions

Chapter 7: Foundations, Floors, Ceilings, and Walls - 64 questions

Chapter 8: Reading Roofs - 81 questions

Chapter 9: Building Features and Concerns - 101 questions

Chapter 10: Reading Buildings: How to Size Up a Building - 47 questions

Chapter 11: Using the Rapid Street-Read Guides - 57 questions

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Building Construction and Size-Up Practice Test Questions


The Art of Reading Buildings


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