The Culture Code

FiredUp has 260 Questions for The Culture Code

Chapter 1: The Good Apples - 14 questions

Chapter 2: The Billion-Dollar Day When Nothing Happened - 10 questions

Chapter 3: The Christmas Truce, the One-Hour Experiment, and the Missileers - 10 questions

Chapter 4: How to Build Belonging - 12 questions

Chapter 5: How to Design for Belonging - 15 questions

Chapter 6: Ideas for Action - 29 questions

Chapter 7: "Tell Me What You Want, and I'll Help You" - 10 questions

Chapter 8: The Vulnerability Loop - 12 questions

Chapter 9: The Super-Cooperators - 13 questions

Chapter 10: How to Create Cooperation in Small Groups - 12 questions

Chapter 11: How to Create Cooperation with individuals - 14 questions

Chapter 12: Ideas for Action - 31 questions

Chapter 13: Three Hundred and Eleven Words - 19 questions

Chapter 14: The Hooligans and the Surgeons - 11 questions

Chapter 15: How to Lead for Proficiency - 11 questions

Chapter 16: How to Lead for Creativity - 17 questions

Chapter 17: Ideas for Action - 20 questions

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The Culture Code


The Culture Code is a must read for any person in a fire service leadership position. It gives a clear blueprint of what any leader needs to create their very own successful group work environment and maintain that success that's applicable to any fire department.

In The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle interviews and observes several highly successful groups to determine what it is about their organization that makes them so successful. Coyle sits down with leaders of companies such as Zappos and Pixar to get to the heart of why these groups do so well, keep their employees happy, and uphold their success. The Culture Code breaks down the three components Coyle determined are at the core of highly successful groups: safety, vulnerability, and purpose. The Culture Code provides several real life examples of group successes and failures to help those looking to improve or create a successful work environment do just that. Coyle describes a team culture that is guaranteed to astonish leaders and empower them to make cultural changes within their groups for the betterment of its members and overall performance of the company, group, or team. The Culture Code is a must read for any person in a leadership position or anyone that is a member of a group that they want to succeed.

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