Truck Company Operations, 2nd Edition

FiredUp has 801 Questions for Truck Company Operations, 2nd Edition

Chapter 1: Truck Company Basics - 40 questions

Chapter 2: Certification, Response, and Placement Considerations - 54 questions

Chapter 3: Apparatus - 17 questions

Chapter 4: Reading a Building - 105 questions

Chapter 5: Reading Smoke - 51 questions

Chapter 6: Forcible Entry - 53 questions

Chapter 7: Elevator Extrication - 21 questions

Chapter 8: Ground Ladders - 38 questions

Chapter 9: Search and Rescue - 75 questions

Chapter 10: Overhaul - 39 questions

Chapter 11: Salvage - 34 questions

Chapter 12: Electrical Utilities - 49 questions

Chapter 13: Gas Utilities - 35 questions

Chapter 14: Water Utilities - 29 questions

Chapter 15: Ventilation Principles - 21 questions

Chapter 16: Pressurized Ventilation - 39 questions

Chapter 17: Ventilation Rules and Equipment - 51 questions

Chapter 18: Roof Ventilation Techniques for Conventional and Lightweight Construction - 50 questions

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Truck Company Operations Practice Tests


Truck Company Operations, 2nd Edition


Truck Company Operations by John Mittendorf is an excellent book to prepare an aspiring fire officer for the position of fire captain or lieutenant on a truck company. Specific methods with steps described in the book to perform truck company objectives such as for forcible entry or roof ventilation make this book valuable for firefighters of any rank not just a new fire officer assigned to a truck. There is general firefighting knowledge that any firefighter could use even if they were not assigned to a truck company. The chapters on reading a building and reading smoke are priceless for any firefighter to know. John Mittendorf in Truck Company Operations presents his concept for a new fireground tactical priority list which can be found in Chapter 1.

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