2 Steps to Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones So You Can Ace Your Firefighter Promotional Exam

Working on your firefighter promotional exam prep and actually taking your firefighter promotional exam can be extremely stressful. Instead of focusing on the negative of it all and being pessimistic, try turning those negative thoughts into positive ones to improve your memory and get an instant confidence boost come test day. 

  1. Identify the Negative Thoughts

When it comes to turning negative thoughts into positive ones, you first must be able to identify the negative thought. For example if you are working on a tough section of your textbook and are thinking you will never be able to understand all of the information. Or if you get stuck on a question while working on your online practice tests and are struggling and think, I am going to fail this test. These are just two examples of negative thoughts that may be impeding your ability to learn.

An article published in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Diseases determined that negative thoughts, “can have a harmful effect on the brain’s capacity to think, reason and form memories.” This means that if you think you are going to fail your firefighter promotional exam as you are studying not only are you reducing your own confidence, you are setting yourself up for failure by making it harder on your brain to understand and retain the information you need to pass your promotional exam. Thinking negative thoughts also takes a huge toll on your body and immune system because stress decreases functioning immunity in the body, and negative thoughts and self-talk are major stressors. 

  1. Rescript The Negative Thoughts

Now, once you start to identify the negative thoughts you are having while you are studying for your firefighter promotional exam, it is time to turn them into positives. The easiest way to think positively is just to think the opposite of the negative thought. For example, if you are thinking you will never be able to understand all of the information you are reading, think I can understand all of this information it will just take time. When you are stuck on that question on your online practice tests and telling yourself you are going to fail your promotional exam change that thought to, I will pass this test, I can do it.

Having a positive attitude about what you are learning has been proven to enhance memory, but that is not all. Once you get in the habit of thinking positively it will start to come naturally and not only will it help you pass your firefighter promotional exam, it can improve your overall health, your relationships, and success in your career. It does this by reducing your overall stress, allowing your body to relax and giving yourself an immune boost, all because of your new positive outlook on life. 

The Takeaway

Even if you are struggling while studying for your firefighter promotional exam you must think positively or you are setting yourself up for failure. Obviously thinking positive alone is not going to get you a passing score on your firefighter promotional exam, you still need to put in the work. An attitude change, however, may be just the destresser and confidence booster you need to ace your firefighter promotional exam.