3 Firefighter Promotion Multiple Choice Test Myths Debunked


Everybody has heard the saying, if you don’t know the answer on a test, pick the letter “c”. Well let’s find out if there is any truth to this and other theories as you start your firefighter promotional exam prep so you have the best chance at getting promoted. 


Myth 1: When in Doubt Choose “C”

The quick answer is, no. Choosing “c” will not guarantee you a right answer or increase the odds of a right answer, the odds are pretty equal of every letter being the correct one, 25%. However, if you are going to guess on multiple questions and have NO idea whatsoever what the correct answer may be, choose the same letter for those guesses. Using the same letter consistently won’t make every guess right, but it will increase the odds of some of the guessed answers being correct. Pick a letter you like and if you have unanswered questions at the end of your promotional exam, answer them all with that letter. Look here for more tips on better guessing on your upcoming firefighter promotional exam. 


Myth 2: Never Pick the Answer “none of the above” or “all of the above”

If you have ever heard you should never choose the answer, “none of the above” or “all of the above” you may have heard wrong. According to Business Insider, these two answers are correct more than half of the time. So if you are working on a difficult problem and are uncertain take the 50/50 chance and choose all or none. Before you select “none of the above” or “all of the above”, be sure to make sure none of the answers are right, or two or more aren’t right. When you sit down to take your firefighter promotion written test remember to take your time, read the questions and answers thoroughly and when in doubt you have a 50% chance of a right answer by going with “none of the above” or “all of the above”. 


Myth 3: The Shortest Answer is Never Right

False. The same goes for the opposite scenario as well, the longest answer is always right. Neither multiple choice test taking myth is true. The right answer is the right answer no matter the length. Test takers may even try to be tricky and write a lengthy, intentionally wrong, answer to confuse you and make you second guess yourself. If you are stumped on a question while taking your written fire department promotion test, don’t fall for myths you have heard about answers being right or wrong based on length. Be confident in yourself, and use your best judgement. 


The Takeaway

No matter how well you prepare for your firefighter promotional exam there can still be questions that you have trouble answering. Don’t stress out over a few questions, but also don’t fall for these multiple choice test myths.The only surefire way to pass your test is to be thoroughly prepared, so keep up the hard work and put in the effort to do those online study guides so you don’t even need to think about these myths when it comes time to take your promotional exam.