3 Reasons You Must Hide Your Smartphone While Studying For Your Firefighter Promotion

Everyone has their phone on them at all times in today’s society. Some people have to be on their phones for work but some of us just may be addicted. It’s so important to lock that phone away when you are working on your firefighter promotional exam prep, here’s why

  1. It’s a Distraction

One obvious reason you should put your phone away when you are studying for your firefighter promotional exam is because of the unlimited amount of potential distractions at your fingertips. You can easily say you are just going to answer a text message really quickly on your phone and end up distracted for the rest of your study session. So when I say put the phone away, I mean out of sight! Do not have it on the table, do not put it in your pocket, put it in another room or somewhere you cannot see, feel or hear it while you are studying. You will accomplish so much more while working on your exam prep if you lock your phone up during your study session. 

  1. Causes you to Look to Phone for Help Instead of People

Phones can be a very convenient way to find answers quickly. There may be a downside to having all of that information at your fingertips though. If you are struggling with a topic when you are studying for your firefighter promotional exam you may be inclined to just google a question whenever you have it, and in some cases that is fine. Sometimes, though, it is better to do your research about a topic or look to others for help. In some cases, there may be more to the topic that you do not fully understand and you may need more information but will not even realize it if you just do a quick google search for your answer. It also reduces your likelihood of reaching out to other firefighters or forming a study team when you need help. Sure google can give you an answer, but you can get so much more actually talking to another human. You get life skills, and experience that you cannot find on google. 

  1. Reduces Cognitive Capacity

So many people are dependent on their smartphones for work, communicating and so much more, but when it comes time to work on your firefighter promotional exam studies, having your phone with you can be detrimental to your study session. Studies have been done on the presence of phones when trying to focus and cognitive capacity. If your smartphone is present, even if it’s off, your brain will be using some of its limited cognitive capacity to stop your body from reaching for that phone. You have no idea this is even happening, you may not even be thinking about your phone but it is happening on a subconscious level. This unnoticeable distraction is taking much needed energy away from your textbooks and online study guides. So instead, put your phone out of sight during your study sessions so you can give your studies your undivided attention. 

The Takeaway

Phones serve a lot of very helpful purposes to everyone, but when it comes time to study you must put your phone away so you can focus on reaching your goals. There are of course exceptions to this rule, such as being on call or if you are working on online practice tests on your phone. Try keeping your phone out of sight and reach during your next study session to see if you get more out of it, who knows you may even like being unplugged for a bit.