3 Reasons You Must Take Breaks as You Study For Your Firefighter Promotional Exam

When you are working on your firefighter promotional exam prep you may feel like you need to  power through your study session and finish the material you had planned. However, not allowing yourself to take breaks as you study may be setting you up for failure on your exam.  

  1. Performance Boost

Just like any other part of your body, your brain needs breaks to keep performing at its best. Give your brain a short break so it can work more effectively and you can avoid getting stressed and overwhelmed while studying. When you come back to your study material after your break you may be surprised how much easier it is to study and retain the material you may have been struggling with before. 

  1. Reduces Stress

Taking your firefighter promotional exam is a huge cause of stress because of the importance of the exam to your career. Giving yourself short breaks from your study session is a huge stress reducer. Stress has an impact on every part of your body. It even has the potential to worsen your immune system, increase your heart rate and raise your blood pressure which is not something you want to happen as you prepare for your firefighter promotional exam. Allowing yourself to take a small break while you study will instantly make you feel more relaxed as long as you actually allow yourself the break. Give yourself the time you need to focus on something completely unrelated to your studies so your mind actually gets the break it needs. Do not think about the work you still have to do or anything else that is stressing you out, or else the break will be ineffective and a waste of time. 

  1. Sitting Sucks!

Taking study breaks is not just a break for your mind but also your body. Sitting for extended periods of time can do more harm than good on your body. Firefighters are generally active people, but by adding long hours of studying into your life, you will notice yourself sitting a lot more than normal. So, when you take your study break try to get your body moving. 

When you take a break from studying, it is best to do something that will help your mind get a break and get your body moving. Aim to take a break after every fifty to ninety minutes of studying you do for at least ten minutes but up to sixty. Social media is not a good break from studying. Looking at your phone during your study breaks will just lead to further distractions once the break is over. Here are some break ideas that will lead to more productivity when you get back to studying:

  • Take a Walk

  • Do Yoga/Meditation 

  • Take a Nap

  • Eat

  • Hydrate

  • Listen to Music-maybe even dance a little

  • Breathe

The Takeaway

Taking breaks from your firefighter promotional exam study material is crucial if you want to make the most of your study sessions and pass your firefighter promotional exam on the first try. Your mind and body both need a break from studying just like they do from physical activity so you can be at your best while you study this important material.