4 Ways to Keep Your Partner Happy While You Prepare For Your Firefighter Promotional Exam


Making the decision to take the firefighter promotional exam is a big one and doesn’t just affect you. If you want your firefighter promotional exam prep to be successful, it needs to be your priority, but do not forget about your partner in the process. 

1. Communicate

Before you decide to promote it is important to discuss everything involved with your partner. Make a game plan with them, inform them ahead of time of how much time you will need to devote to studying for your promotional exam, as well as the new time commitments your new job will require. In a study done at St. Catherine University, communication was determined to be a huge factor in marital success. So don’t jump in head first without talking to your partner first, this is a huge commitment for you but affects them as well. Discussing the process with them from the very beginning is also a great way to make them feel involved, as you will need their support through the promotion process and transition to a new position. 

2. Make a Schedule

Now that you have decided to go forward and begin the study process to promote, the best thing you can do for your partner is make a study schedule of your study sessions ahead of time. This way your partner will know when you will be studying and need peace and quiet so it won’t turn into an argument when you come home from work and immediately start studying. A schedule should also make your own life a little easier and make planning time with your partner even easier. 

3. Plan a Date Night

Just as you have designated study time, you need to make designated time for your partner. Plan a date night, and make it extra special since your partner may be feeling a little neglected lately. Focus only on them and leave any mention of your firefighter promotional exam at home. Studying for your promotional exam will most likely monopolize a lot of your free time, so go the extra mile to give your partner the attention they need as they support you through this process when you can. You shouldn’t study all day everyday anyways, so give some of your time to your partner. 

4. Ask Them For Help

The best way to spend time with your partner while preparing for your firefighter promotional exam is to get them involved and ask them to help you study. Check out these tips on how they can help you study and feel involved in your promotion process. Not only is this a great way for you to study, asking your partner for help makes them feel involved in the process and you get some quality time together, win-win! 

The Takeaway

Signing up to take the firefighter promotional exam is a huge commitment that has the potential to leave your partner feeling left out. Be sure to prioritize studying and using your firefighter promotional exam practice tests, but don’t leave your partner hanging. 

Most importantly, remember, this is temporary. You will not be studying forever, just a few short months, and it will all be over and you and your partner can go back to your normal life, hopefully with the exception of a new job. Use these tips to gain your partner’s support instead of resentment as you advance your career.