7 Study Habits To Avoid If You Want to Pass Your Firefighter Promotional Exam

Getting back into a study routine after likely not studying since testing to be a firefighter can be extremely difficult. Before you begin your firefighter promotional exam prep be sure to check out these study habits to avoid at all costs if you want to pass your firefighter promotional exam. 

  1. Putting it Off

If you want to pass your firefighter promotional exam on the first try you need to prioritize it. You cannot put off studying and then expect to pass. You need to schedule study sessions as you would anything else important in your life and make it a priority. You do not want to wait until the last minute and cram for your exam, it will likely not end well. Even if you do pass your firefighter promotional exam after studying at the last minute, did you actually retain any of the material, or did you just get lucky and guess correctly. Either way, this will not be beneficial as you continue the promotion process, the testers will realize you don’t actually know as much as they thought and you will not get promoted. 

  1. Going in Without a Plan

Another critically important way to save time and make the most of every study session is to go into it with a plan. Know what you are going to work on, know how many chapters you are going to read and so on. It will save you so much time and energy if you already have a plan on how the study session should go. At the end of each study session you should make plans for what will happen during your next session so you can jump right in. This should also eliminate some frustration as well. Starting to study not knowing what you are doing can increase your stress and make for a rough study session. 

  1. Multitasking

If you want a successful study session you cannot try to multitask. You are setting yourself up for failure if you try to study and do anything else at the same time. Hide your phone, turn off your TV and focus on your firefighter promotional exam material. 

  1. Eating Unhealthy Snacks

It is important you stay hydrated and nourished while you study for your firefighter promotional exam, but choose your snacks wisely. Loading up on junk food and caffeine while you study is going to make you feel icky and jittery. Feeling like garbage while you study is going to be a huge distraction and you will likely not get too far into the material. Choose healthy snacks that will boost your energy and keep you focused and feeling good for the duration of your study session. 

  1. Remaining Sedentary

I am not saying you should be jogging while you are studying, but you need to be moving your body when you are not. Exercise and movement has been proven to boost brain health and is also great for your mental health. You don’t even have to run or go to the gym, do whatever you like, ride a bike, dance, mop your floors, the opportunities are endless. 

  1. Not Sleeping

Whether you are staying up all night to study, binge TV or just because, stop it. If you want to pass your firefighter promotional exam you must sleep. Your brain needs time to rest and process all of the new information it is learning. If you do not sleep you are not giving your brain or body the rest it needs to turn what you are studying into memories. Allow yourself to sleep, because being exhausted while you study or just try to do everyday life is miserable. 

  1. Being Too Hard on Yourself

The last mistake so many people make while studying for their firefighter promotional exam is not giving themselves grace. You are human, you have a lot of life commitments outside of studying for this exam, so be nice to yourself. Yes, passing your firefighter promotional exam is very important to you, but don’t let it consume your life. Allow yourself breaks and time to relax and enjoy life also. 

The Takeaway 

If you want to pass your firefighter promotional exam you must make it a priority and not put it off. You must make the most of every single study session as you prepare to take your exam, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Remember, this is just a blip in your life, put in the work and it will be over before you know it.