The Most Important Thing To Remember As You Begin Studying For Your Firefighter Promotional Exam

Everyone learns differently and requires different study techniques to succeed, but there are some that are guaranteed to set you up for failure. Keep reading to find out what study method to avoid so you stay on the path to success as you begin your firefighter promotional exam prep


Now, don’t get excited and think you don’t have to read, you do. Reading is an important component of studying and must be done, but you cannot just read your textbooks and expect to pass your test. You have to take it a step further if you actually want to pass your firefighter promotional exam by actively engaging in the material you are studying. 

How to Actively Engage Your Reading Material 

  1. Before You Read

Before you even start reading your textbooks you can get a head start by pre-reading. Pre-reading will prepare you for what is to come as you read. While you pre-read, pay attention to the questions in the beginning and end of the chapters of your textbook and come back to them once you are done reading. Read the heading of each section and look at keywords before you even start reading and become familiar with key terms.

  1. While You Read

While you read, it is important to actively engage the material. You can do this by making flashcards as you go. Look for key terms and highlighted information in your textbook and turn them into flashcards. Highlighting can be a good technique as well, as long as you plan to come back and look at the book again, otherwise it is pointless. 

You can also write down topics or words you don’t understand or any questions that come up as you read and see if you can answer them at the end of the chapter. At the end of each section summarize what you read aloud or on paper and see if you are understanding what you are reading. If you are not, go back and reread or take a short break and come back to it. Do not move on if you are still confused or you will just become even more confused and overwhelmed. 

  1. After You Read

Once you are done reading, quiz yourself. Go back to those questions you reviewed while you did you pre-reading and try to answer them. Take it a step further and write them down and you have an instant study guide.  Online practice tests are a great way to quiz yourself as well. If you do not do well on your online practice tests, go back and review the material and try again. Reading alone will not be enough to pass your firefighter promotional exam, you must take it a step further. Try getting your family and friends involved when you are ready to quiz yourself as well. 

The Takeaway

The key to passing your firefighter promotional exam is actively engaging in your textbooks, not just reading them. Pre-read, read, then review, and read again. If you follow these simple steps you will be that much closer to passing your firefighter promotional exam.