8 New Books Added to FiredUp Firefighter Promotion Test Bank


It has been a busy fall season here at FiredUp as we have added several new books to our online test bank of fire promotion questions. With this latest book additions to our website FiredUp’s smart online practice test software now contains 27 books and over 20,000 fire department promotional exam questions.

Here are the new titles that have been added over the last few months to the FiredUp website:

Company Officer, 3rd Edition

With this book Clinton Smoke and Delmar Learning have created a text similar to what you would expect to find with the big players such as IFSTA or Jones & Bartlett. The layout and formatting of the book is very familiar for a firefighter. The author breaks down the material of the books into the different roles that a fire company officer, whether a fire lieutenant or fire captain, has on the job. And there are lots of roles for a new company officer to learn, that is for sure and is evidenced by 13 chapters that each explain a different role for the firefighter to fill. This book is not as big and bulky as the IFSTA or Jones & Bartlett versions which make it a little less intimidating. 

Essentials of Fire Fighting, 7th Edition

This book doesn’t seem like it has changed a lot since I first studied it 18 years ago. Even in its 7th Edition of print it just feels the same as the old editions of the book you can find laying around fire stations. When reading through this book I was amazed at all the basic firefighting information that we absorb throughout our careers and seemingly forget about, yet we do it all the time. The basics of the job may be simple, but they are necessary to know and be familiar with. For that reason this book can be found on some promotional exams throughout the fire service. We have seen the book on both fire apparatus driver/operator and company officer level promotion tests.

Fire Department Incident Safety Officer, 3rd Edition - Jones & Bartlett

A small book in stature(compared to typical fire service books), it has 17 chapters divided up into different incident types and topics so it is quick and easy to reference the material you need. Want to know what a safety officer does at a wildland fire incident? Then flip to chapter 13 to find all the information you need to learn about the safety officers specific job responsibilities at a wildland fire incident. Typically you will see fire department incident safety officer material on promotion exams for company officers, fire lieutenant or fire captain. Whether you are taking a fire promotion test or are a new safety officer that wants to learn more about the job this book will help you out. 

Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 5th Edition - IFSTA

IFSTA covers a wide range of topics designed to give firefighters the baseline knowledge needed for becoming a company officer, whether it is a fire lieutenant or captain. This is the first book in the Company Officer series with the new updated design and cover. Published by IFSTA in 2014, this book is more condensed and has a sleeker design than its predecessor. Don’t worry though because once you get into the meat of this book you will feel right at home as you do with your other IFSTA favorite fire books. 

Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 6th Edition - IFSTA

Fresh off the press the latest 6th Edition of IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer was published in December 2019. The content of this edition is very similar to the last edition except you will see one less chapter and the appendix on the National Incident Management System-Incident Command System (NIMS-ICS) has been removed. Aside from these subtle changes you will still find this edition of the fire company officer series from IFSTA contains all the basic information needed to establish baseline knowledge for an aspiring fire officer. There is a discussion on fire dynamics in this edition which was not included in previous editions.

Hazardous Material For First Responders, 5th Edition - IFSTA

Over 700 pages packed full of tables, charts, and graphics are found in this IFSTA book. The visual aids are very useful though when learning about the different types and styles of tanks and hazmat vehicles. There is a nice list of tables at the front of the book for quick reference of all the hazmat data and facts. This book covers a diverse array of hazmat information that serves as a comprehensive introduction for any first responder. Whether studying for a fire officer promotional exam or to become a hazmat firefighter this book is essential to read. 

Kirk's Fire Investigation, 8th Edition

At over 800 pages this book is a sizable challenge for fire prevention officers and fire inspectors to tackle. Plenty of real world applications are covered to help the information settle in. Prevention officers and inspectors are taken through the fire investigation process from beginning to end as well. If fire prevention isn’t your cup of tea then this book probably isn’t for you. 

Live Fire Training: Principles and Practice to NFPA 1403, 2nd Edition - Jones & Bartlett

Ever heard of NFPA 1403, Standards on Live Fire Training? Well that is what this entire book is about. If you are someone that is or will be in the position of coordinating and supervising live fire training then you need to know this book. Consider this book a must for fire prevention officers and safety officers involved in training activities. There is a lot of very specific information in regards to live fire training, which makes a book like this that outlines every detail and step needed for a successful live fire training event a very valuable resource to have.

Get the book, make a plan, leave yourself plenty of study time and get to studying! Once you have read the book or even after every chapter it is beneficial to take practice tests to reinforce and further your knowledge of the material. FiredUp data mines the information and facts from this book and creates fire department promotional exam questions to help you prepare. Our online smart study software then generates practice tests to help learn the material efficiently so you can save time and pass your test! 

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