New Fire Officer Practice Test Questions Added From IFSTA Chief Officer, 4th Edition!


You will be happy to know that I just added 797 fire officer practice test questions from IFSTA Chief Officer, 4th Edition to FiredUp’s online test bank of questions. With this latest addition to our website FiredUp’s smart online practice test software now contains 19 books with almost 14,000 fire department promotional exam questions.

IFSTA Chief Officer is designed to give you the information you need to become an effective chief officer. Included in this book is information on human resource management all the way to emergency incident management and everything in between. This book provides you with all the information you need, but it is up to you to actually learn the material so you can get promoted and are prepared to do the job on day one. I know that the material in this book can be a little dry, so that is why FiredUp is so important to help you learn the material.

FiredUp is here to help you with your fire department promotional exam prep by helping you learn the material in this book so you can pass your written promotional exam. Read the book then test and improve your knowledge with FiredUp’s fire officer practice tests that come straight from the content of the Chief Officer book. A nice thing about the newer editions of IFSTA books, including this book, is that you can get them in either digital or print versions.

Get the book, make a plan, leave yourself plenty of time and get to work studying! Once you have read the book or even after every chapter it is beneficial to take practice tests to reinforce and further your knowledge of the material. FiredUp data mines the information and facts from this book and creates fire department promotional exam questions to help you prepare. Our online smart study software then generates practice tests to help learn the material efficiently so you can save time and pass your test!


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