Test Questions Just Added! Fire and Emergency Services Instructor


The FiredUp Team has just completed adding 500 practice test questions from Jones & Bartlett Fire and Emergency Services Instructor, 3rd Edition to our online test bank of practice test questions. With this addition FiredUp’s smart online practice test software now has 17 books with almost 12,000 test questions available to you to prepare for your firefighter promotional exam.

This is the third edition of the fire service instructor book. It was published in 2019 by Jones and Bartlett Learning. Fire instructor books are not the most fun to read, but if this book is on the book list for your test then you have to know it. It is nearly impossible to retain and remember all the information found in this book due to the wide range of topics it covers and the immense amount of details contained. 

We have an idea to help you retain all that information though! Read through the book then test yourself with FiredUp’s online practice tests. In fact, we recommend to test yourself as you go after reading each chapter. We use our data mining process to pull as much of the information and details from the book to build practice tests for you. This will help expose your areas of weakness and help you retain more information for your promotional exam. 

Created by a current firefighter and designed to take the pain out of the studying process for other firefighters, FiredUp’s proprietary smart study software will help you get promoted. FiredUp offers online practice test software to help you prepare for your fire department written promotional exam. Taking practice tests has been proven to be one of the most effective study methods for retaining information. FiredUp goes a step further by providing practice tests online so you can prepare for your test effectively and efficiently.  

Stop worrying about your written promotion test. Trust FiredUp to help you get prepared! 

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