Tips & Tricks For Studying For Your Firefighter Promotional Exam While Under the Weather

Getting sick can put a major wrench in your plans, even more so if you are in the middle of working on your firefighter promotional exam prep. Studying while sick isn’t the greatest idea, but it may be unavoidable at times. Follow these tips to make the most of it. 

  1. Take Lots of Breaks

Breaks are crucial to any study session but if you are studying while sick take more breaks. Make sure these breaks are actually restful to both your mind and body so your body can continue to heal. If you are going to study while sick, you need breaks that are going to make you feel better like a short nap, a hot glass of tea, or some fresh juice. Let your body guide your breaks. If you feel yourself drifting off while you study or you are struggling to focus then take a break, even if that is every fifteen minutes or so. Listen to your body so you get better. You don’t want to make your sickness last longer because you spent too much time studying instead of resting. 

  1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is critical to health. Sleep is even more critical if you are not feeling well. Your body does so much healing while you sleep so give it the time it needs to do that. Take naps, go to bed early, allow yourself time to sleep in. 

  1. Hydrate

If you are sick and studying, make sure you are giving yourself lots of fluids. Focus on water and herbal tea, but sometimes you need to add in electrolyte drinks and so on. Your body needs these fluids to continue to fight the illness. You could also lose a lot of fluids if you are sick, we’ll skip the details, so it is extra important to add them back in in whatever form you can. 

  1. Plan Ahead

Don’t leave your studies for the last minute so you are forced to study while you are under the weather. Make sure you begin studying early on so skipping one or two study sessions while you are sick is not a big deal. Being sick a week before your exam with tons left to study is a recipe for failure. Preparation is important. 

  1. Focus on Review

Focus on review if you are going to study while sick. Your brain is likely going to be foggy and retention of information will be way down. Work on those online practice tests, review flashcards, rewrite notes, and go over study guides. Make your study sessions as simple and short as possible for yourself. 

  1. Stock Up On Supplies

If you are going to study while sick make sure you have everything you need in your study area to make it through the session with limited interruptions. Get your kleenex, your cough drops, your tea, water and so on and bring it to your study location. This will keep you from getting up every few minutes because you realize you need something else. It will also make your study session a little less miserable if you have your sick supplies within reach and you don’t have to wipe your nose on your sleeve and suppress a cough.

  1. Don’t

Depending on your level of sickness, there is no point in studying while you are sick. If you are severely sick, allow yourself time to rest. You will retain very little of what you are studying anyway and will likely prolong your illness. Allow your body the rest it needs to get over the sickness faster so you can continue your studying when you are better.  If you have a headache that a good night’s sleep will take care of, go to sleep and wait to study. You will likely make yourself feel worse otherwise and end up with an even stronger headache. 

The Takeaway

Studying is important, but so is your health. If you must study while you are sick, allow yourself a lot of breaks and naps. If you start to study while sick and feel like you are not retaining the information, don’t waste your time, go to bed instead.